2014 World Cup version of Tongue Brazilian barbecue comes from the prairie stocking good cattle

2014 World Cup version of “Tongue” Brazilian barbecue comes from the prairie stocking good cattle
As a senior foodie, the reporter was most concerned about Brazilian barbecue after arriving in Brazil.Brazilian barbecue originated from the Gaucho people in southern Brazil, and the football superstar Ronaldo is the Gaucho people.Therefore, for journalists, when they come to Brazil to cover the World Cup, only barbecue and football can not be let down.The World Cup version of “Tongue” comes back to the southern Gaoqiao people to expand first. Brazilian barbecue is by no means ironed and put on the meat. It is so simple to put it on the fire.To understand Brazilian barbecue, let’s talk about its origin.  Brazilian barbecue originates from southern Brazil and was originally a specialty food of the nomadic Gaoqiao people.The Gauchos were a half-blood descendant of Spain, Italian colonists and Indians, and were once called robbers and criminals.This ethnic group is used to staying away from the city, engaging in animal husbandry, and grazing cattle and horses on the grassland, so as to develop a wild and sturdy habit.  Today, the Gaoqiao people have been regarded as the origin of the national character of Argentina, Uruguay and other countries.In southern Brazil, residents still claim to be Gauchos.  Since it is a cowboy, beef and mutton became the staple food of the Gaoqiao people who were galloping on the prairie.At leisure, the Gao Qiao people will slaughter cattle and sheep, and enjoy themselves.The conditions on the prairie are poor, and the Gao Qiao people grazing everywhere put long swords and short knives with them, just like the cowboys of the American West carry the revolvers.At the time of the barbecue, the Gao Qiao people used both swords and swords. They wore whole steaks or whole beef legs with long swords, sprinkled with coarse salt for seasoning, and at the same time raised a bonfire, the meat was inserted on the ground by the bonfire and roasted.Cut one layer at a time and eat as you cook.  Therefore, in order to show respect for tradition, some tall barbecue shops in Brazil must advertise their beef, which is roasted around the fire with iron swords like long swords.The waiter serving meat for the customer must be male, but also wear the traditional clothing of the Gaoqiao people: shoes, breeches, leather boots, cravat, and other top hats. When serving meat, cut the meat with a knife to achieve the highest level of skill.The delicious taste comes from the brazilian free-range beef barbecue in the prairie. Most of them use only coarse salt as the seasoning. The most complicated preparation is just to marinate the meat in wine and garlic juice.Therefore, the quality of beef is the key to the delicious Brazilian barbecue.  The grassland area in Brazil is vast, equivalent to three times the area of cultivated land, and the livestock industry is therefore very developed.The Amazonian Plain in the north, the Brazilian Plateau in the middle, and the Paraguay Basin in the west are all important animal husbandry areas. The output value of animal husbandry accounts for 45% of the agricultural output value, and cattle are an important part of it.Traveling on the Brazilian highway, you can always see the unique zebu cattle in Brazil, with high shoulders running freely on the open grassland on the roadside.Because it is naturally stocked, Brazilian beef is naturally tender and juicy, with excellent meat quality.  Brazilian barbecue restaurants are all buffet style.After entering the restaurant to sit down, the first thing is to get a plate to get salad.  After loading the salad and returning to the seat, the barbecue began to flow up continuously.In the Brazilian barbecue restaurant, each person will face a red and green brand. As long as the round green side is up, the waiter will keep serving meat.If you are already full or want to take a break, you just need to turn this brand over to reveal the red side.  The Brazilian barbecue distinguishes the parts of the beef very finely, so thin that it is difficult for the average person to distinguish what the meat is on every time.However, anyone who knows Brazilian barbecue knows that there are two parts of Brazilian barbecue that must be eaten.The first is the shoulder of a cow. The best approximation for developing countries is “Gubin”. This is a unique part of the Brazilian zebu. The meat is very soft and the entrance is melted.However, the trace content of beef in this part is relatively high, so it is not appropriate to eat more.  The other is the cow hip hat, which can be approximated to “Bigonia”, which is considered by the Brazilians to be the most delicious beef and the most expensive of all parts of the cow.This kind of beef has a delicate taste and rich meat, which makes people want to eat it.Other beef tenderloin, beef soft ribs, beef upper ribs, beef thighs, etc. also have their own characteristics and are worth carefully tasting.