NBA preseason Kings VS Lakers live online watch the address of whether the United League can debut again _1

NBA preseason Kings vs. Lakers live stream
The Lakers VS Kings United again ushered in Beijing time on October 14, the NBA preseason is in full swing, the Los Angeles Staples Center, the Lakers sit at home against the Kings.Russell lost in the last match against Lillard, can this game reproduce a crazy performance; the last time the United League finally re-entered the opportunity and played positively, Wharton also praised the United LeagueThe performance, whether the United Arab Emirates can get the chance to play again is expected.  The Lakers officially started the wave of layoffs on Wednesday, local time. The United League through the performance against the Nuggets, successfully evaded the tailor, in the next opportunity more need to grasp, resulting in the last rotation seat.  Game live broadcast address: October 14th NBA Sacramento Kings VS Los Angeles Lakers In the first four preseason games, the Lakers won 2 wins and 2 losses, most of them have reversed the Kings, but in the last game was reversed by the BlazersThe Kings lost to the Lakers and Warriors in the first two games. In the last game, they defeated the Israeli powerhouse Makabi by 39 points.  Initial predictions for the starting lineup: Lakers: Russell, Williams, Deng, Randall, Mozgov Kings: Lawson, Avraro, Guy, Cousins, Coufers