2014 Brazil World Cup opener Brazil 3-1 reverses Neymar, Syria 2 goals_1

2014 Brazil World Cup Opener Brazil 3-1 reversal of Neymar, Syria 2 goals
At 4:00 on June 13th, Beijing time (at 17:00 on the 12th, Brazil time), the opening game of the 20th World Cup started at the Corinthians Stadium in Sao Paulo. The host Brazil reversed the jungle 3-1 and achieved a good start.Marcelo scored the first goal of the Brazil World Cup in 98 matches. Oolong was the first goal of the World Cup for the first time.Neymar scored twice to overtake the score and became the second Brazilian player to score two yuan in the World Cup opener.It was also Brazil’s 10th goal in the first World Cup after Rivaldo broke England’s goal on June 21, 2002.Oscar 1 pass 1 shot.   The host in the history of the World Cup remained undefeated (14 wins and 6 draws), and the host did not lose in the opener (5 wins and 3 draws).Brazil has won nearly eight World Cup opening games and has remained undefeated in nearly 17 opening games.Brazil lost 9 consecutive victories after losing 0 to 1 away from Switzerland last year.After losing to Paraguay in 2002, Brazil was undefeated for 37 consecutive home games.  After losing to Peru 1-3 in the semifinals of the America’s Cup in 1975, Brazil’s home games (contests and qualifiers) were undefeated.Scolari followed the start of the last warm-up and was also the winning ladder for the Confederations Cup final a year ago.Neymar became the youngest Brazil international to reach half a hundred, and his national team remained undefeated at home (14 wins and 3 draws).  Recommended reading: 2014 Brazil World Cup 16 match time 2014 Brazil World Cup schedule After last October Nico Kovac took office, scored 3 wins and 2 draws to remain undefeated, Kovac also became the first player and coachAs a democrat participating in the World Cup, he is also the latest World Cup goal scorer of the United Nations (2 to 2 draw Australia on June 22, 2006).After a 2-1 win over Italy in the group stage in 2002, Croatia won four consecutive games in the World Cup finals, and only one of them scored.  In 13 World Cup games in Colombia, only 11 goals were conceded, the percentage of goals conceded (0 per game.85 goals) is the lowest of the 32 teams in this session.Left-back Planic was injured in the warm-up match, and Vrsalico switched to the left.Lovren replaced Sildenfeld, a central defender with an injured Achilles tendon.The number one striker, Mandzukic, was suspended and Jelavich served as the arrow.  Before the race, three youngsters entered the stadium to release the peace dove.In the opening 45 seconds, Olic headed back from the left and Kovacic missed the near post with a half-volley at 25 meters in front of the goal.In the 6th minute, Joel Luca knocked down Hulk, Marcelo took a free kick in front, Tiago Silva pushed back to the middle after the point, and Louis headered by Pletico at 8 meters in front of the goalSa picked it up.  In the 7th minute of colonization, it almost broke!Perisic took the ball on the right and left foot. Olic pressed Alves afterwards and ejected the ball 9 meters in front of the goal. The earth missed the near post.In the 9th minute, Brazil opened a free kick and Neymar made a shot to Paulinho. Paulinho volleyed 27 meters in front of the door and touched Vrsalico off the left post.