[How to make fluffy cornmeal cake?

】 _How to do_Making method

[How to make fluffy cornmeal cake?
】 _How to do_Making method

Hair cake is a very delicious food, which is loved by people, and the ingredients used to make hair cake are mostly cereals, because only grains can make a fluffy slag texture.

Among them, the method of making homemade corn cakes is becoming more and more popular, but the corn and glutinous rice segments are large and not easy to cause a fluffy state. Let ‘s take a look at how to make corn cakes.

The specific method of corn flour cake is as follows: 1.

Use a small bowl for meal to measure a bowl of corn flour and a bowl of flour, a bowl of hot water and a half bowl of cold water.

Burn the cornmeal with boiling water!

Warm water cannot be hot, it will become batter!


Place a large bowl of corn flour, add three tablespoons of sugar to the hot water, stir and melt, pour the hot water into the corn flour, stir with chopsticks, and cool.


Pour a tablespoon of yeast into the cold water, stir, and let stand for ten minutes.

There is no need to stir until the yeast is completely dissolved, the yeast will dissolve by itself after standing.


After the cornmeal has cooled, add flour and yeast water.


Knead the dough and knead a few more times.


Take a large bowl and pour in a tablespoon of cooking oil and spread evenly.

Put into the dough, flatten, and cover with fermentation.


Wash the red dates, remove the core and cut into small pieces.


The cake is fermented to the second large size, sprinkle with red dates, compact it by hand, and put it into the steamer.


After steaming the steamer over high heat, turn to medium heat for 30 minutes.

Tips on how to make corn flour cakes: 1. The ratio of corn flour exceeds, the more solid the texture of the hair cake.

If you want to make the cake softer, you can reduce the proportion of cornmeal.

2. The cornmeal has been blanched with hot water, making the cakes softer.

The volume ratio of hot water to cornmeal is about one to one.

3. Flour and yeast must be added after the cornmeal is allowed to cool, otherwise the yeast will be burned to death.

4. The amount of sugar is added according to personal preference.

5. For cold-weather yeast dough, you can heat the water in the steamer and put it in the cake after turning off the heat.

Use residual temperature to increase fermentation speed.

[Can you drink sheep soup for weight loss]_ Slimming _ Can you drink it?

[Can you drink sheep soup for weight loss]_ Slimming _ Can you drink it?

Some people are dieting to lose weight, but would like to drink some sheep soup, especially in the cold winter season.

But because I was worried that the sheep soup would grow meat, I never dared to drink it.

The traditional concept of mutton in people is the meat in the body. However, eating a moderate amount of lean mutton during weight loss generally does not grow meat. Therefore, eating mutton or drinking mutton soup will not make you fat.

But mutton is hot, and people with a hot constitution should eat less, otherwise they will be constipated easily.

First, can you drink lamb soup to lose weight? Lamb and lamb soup can lose weight, but do not eat too much.

Because mutton is hot and contains an integrated heat, it should not be eaten even in winter, especially people with hot constitutions, so as to avoid constipation and getting angry.

It is generally recommended not to eat more than two or two a day, and two to three times a week.

Also, when drinking mutton soup, it is recommended to skim off some oil slicks. It is easy to get fat if you drink too much oil.

The trace amount of mutton is very large and it is also large, so it is not suitable to eat during weight loss, but once in a while, it can be consumed through exercise. In addition to eating less, you must increase exercise.

Second, the weight-loss effect of mutton 1. Slight melting point is high and it is not easy to be absorbed. The melting point of mutton is higher than other meat adults. The so-called slight melting point refers to the temperature required for it to change from solid to liquid. PorkIt’s 30 degrees, beef is 40 degrees, and mutton is 44 degrees.

Therefore, aunt lamb is less easily absorbed by the body than other meat aunts, and it is not easy to become a source of obesity.

2. L-carnitine is high, which helps adults metabolize mutton. Compared with other meats, it contains more L-carnitine, and L-carnitine 2 in mutton.

1g / kg, beef 0.

64g / kg, pork 0.

3g / kg.

After scientific research and analysis, it was found that carnitine has a strong promotion effect on unfortunate metabolism.

The increase in carnitine content is more beneficial to the metabolism of adults. If combined with proper exercise, the magical effect of “reducing meat by meat” can be achieved.

Third, the effect of sheep miscellaneous soup The so-called sheep miscellaneous is because there are all kinds of miscellaneous in it, sheep head, hoof, sheep heart, sheep liver, sheep lung, sheep intestine and sheep blood, so it is called sheep miscellaneous.

Do n’t think that these are foods that cannot be served on the table, they have their own effects: such as smallpox (sheep brain) has a brain-building and eye-catching function, especially suitable for the elderly and the debilitated; the tongue (tongue) has a strong bodyThe ability to replenish blood is best for those who are sick.

Drinking sheep miscellaneous soup in the winter to nourish the internal organs of the internal organs is also good for warming the stomach and expelling cold.

Sheep liver is rich in iron. Iron is an essential element for the production of red blood cells. Once lacking, you will feel tired and pale. Eating in moderation will make the skin ruddy. Sheep liver contains vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is many enzymes and coenzymes in human biochemical metabolism.It can promote the metabolism of the body. Sheep liver is also rich in vitamin A, which can prevent night blindness and vision loss, and is helpful for the treatment of various eye diseases.

[How to slice chicken breast]_Slicing_How to make

銆 愰 floating choir 峝 訝 宝 卒 囩 囖 銆 慱 鍒 囩 墖 _ 許 庝 箞 锅?
铏界劧楦¤兏鑲夊苟涓嶅彈涓€浜涗汉鐨勫枩鐖憋紝浣嗘槸楦¤兏鑲夌殑浠锋牸姣旇緝浣庯紝钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛屽啀鍔犱笂鑴傝偑鍚噺浣庯紝鎵€浠ユ垚涓哄噺鑲ヤ汉澹紝鍋ヨ韩浜哄+澧炲姞鑲岃倝鐨勭悊鎯抽鐗╋紝鍙互璇存槸鐪熸鐨勭墿缇庝环寤夈€備絾鏄浮鑳歌倝鎬庝箞鍒囩墖濂藉憿锛熷湪鍒囦箣鍓嶅彲浠ュ厛鏀惧叆鍐扮鍐讳竴涓嬶紝绋嶇‖涓€浜涘啀鍒囩殑璇濆氨姣旇緝瀹规槗鍒囨垚鐗囦簡銆傞浮鑳歌倝鎬庝箞鍒囷細1銆佸皢楦¤倝鍐峰喕缁撳疄锛屼絾涓嶈鍐诲埌鍧氱‖銆傜敤涓€鏉″共鍑€鐨勬璐ㄥ帹鐢ㄦ瘺宸惧灚鍦ㄦ墜閲屾姄浣忛浮鐨紝灏嗗叾鎾曚笅骞舵墧鎺夈€傚皢楦″幓鐨箣鍚庯紝娓呮礂姣涘肪浠ュ鍚庣敤(浣跨敤鍘ㄧ敤姣涘肪鎴栫焊宸撅 璴 鍙  each other side by side and whispering and twisting the inch)) 銆?銆 佸 珢 Cui Cui 敞 镞 畵 楊 楦 兏 鏀 Fear of the surviving 嘗 姗 咗 婏 序 庴 序 嘴 嘊 嘄 勪 勪 竴 闱 ㈡ 浈 鬈 鬈?鍦ㄩ绔V褰㈠尯鍩熺殑钖勮啘鍜岃蒋楠ㄩ棿鍒囧紑涓€閬撳皬鍙o紝浣跨敤涓€鎶婂皷鍒€鎴栧帹鐢ㄥ壀鍒€鍒囨柇杞銆傜敤鎷囨寚鎸変綇鑳搁鐨勪换鎰忎竴绔紝浠ヤ骇鐢熸潬鏉嗘晥鏋溿€?Mohuobijia Rongminhuanfan floating Jiangerenyuan (ii) reference Haorufuku  Chengyangyiji Xuancharenge Kuihejiange  Moyaokejia Rongbao Likuachangnan ang bundle wrapped in cloth For ф altar flange angSui Nao 掑 擑 鎳 : Do you have a rudder?鍓斿嚭楠ㄥご銆傜‘淇濆墧闄ゆ墍鏈夌殑鑳搁銆傛鏌ヤ竴涓嬪叾涓槸鍚︾暀鏈変换浣曞彲鑳芥姌鏂殑纰庨澶淬€傜敤鍒€灏栬交杞诲湴鍦ㄩ浮鑲変腑鍒囧壊锛屽垏鍙h鐭紝杩欐牱鍙互灏嗚蒋楠ㄥ垎寮€銆?The village is in the middle of the world, and it ‘s very difficult to get around, and it ‘s very difficult to make a good deal with each other, if you ca n’t do it, you ca n’t do it.Inspired by the floating inlays, and inspired by the newest developments, the new ones are the most popular ones, and the new ones are insulting and sloppy, and the spinning and weaving floats are intricate and intricate.In the village, in the village, in the village, in the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village涓€鍙浮鍋氬嚭涓€閬撳ソ鑿滅涓婇妗岋紝鑰屼笉鏄皢瀹冩墧杩涘瀮鍦炬《銆傞浮鑳歌倝鐨勫垏娉曪細鍒囬浮鑲夊拰鍒囩尓鑲夈€佺墰鑲夌浉鍙嶏紝瑕侀『鐫€绾硅矾鍒囨墠濂藉悆锛屼笅闈㈣鐪嬮浮鑳歌倝鐨勫垏娉曪細1銆佸厛鎶婇浮鑳歌倝鏍规嵁鑷繁鎯宠鐨勫ぇ灏忓垏鍧楋紝涓€涓浮鑳镐竴鑸垏鎴?-5鍧椼€?銆佸彇鍏朵腑涓€鍧楋紝宸︽墜绋嶇敤鍔涘帇鐫€锛屽彸鎵嬫部鐫€鍜岀牕鏉垮钩琛岀殑鏂瑰悜涓嬪垁锛屽悜宸︽柟鍚戠墖锛屽敖閲忕墖钖勩€?銆侀『鐫€绾硅矾鍒囧嚭鐨勯浮鑲夌墖銆?In the world, the world is insulting. It ‘s a great place for you. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s a lot of fun. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it.垨鍔犻叡娌广€侀厭鎷屽寑鏀捐繘鍐扮鍐疯棌銆傞『鐫€绾硅矾鍒囧嚭鐨勯浮鑳歌倝锛岀叜鍚庝笉骞蹭笉鏌淬€?

[Chicken Mushroom Braised Chicken]_Mushroom Braised Chicken_How to_Daquan Practice

棣欒弴鍜岄浮鑲夛紝澶у鍦ㄥ钩鏃剁粡甯镐細鍚冿紝浣嗘槸涓よ€呯粨鍚堝湪涓€璧凤紝寰堝皯鏈変汉浼氭斁鍦ㄤ竴璧峰悆锛屼絾鏄敤棣欒弴鏉ョ倴楦★紝鍛抽亾濂斤紝钀ュ吇浠峰€间篃寰堥珮锛屼竴鑸鑿囬椃楦″湪鍋氱殑鏃跺€欓渶瑕佸噯澶囩殑鏄瘝楦★紝姣旇緝閫傚悎鍒氬垰鐢熷畬瀛╁瓙鎴栬€呮槸姝e湪鍝轰钩鏈熼棿鐨勫コ鎬т娇鐢紝鐗瑰埆鏄瓡濡囧湪骞虫椂涔熷彲浠ュ悆銆?鏉愭枡鍏浜岄銆佹瘝楦″崐鍙紙1000鍏嬪乏鍙筹級銆佸共棣欒弴15鏈点€佽懕2鏍广€佸5鐗囥€佸ぇ钂?鐡c€佽挏鑼搁叡3鍕猴紙绾?5ml锛夈€佺孩绯?0鍏嬨€侀叡娌?5ml銆佺洂5鍏嬨€侀珮搴︾櫧閰?5ml 銆?鍋氭硶鍋氭硶涓€1銆侀浮鑲夋礂鍑€鍚庯紝鏂╂垚闀跨害5鍘樼背锛屽2-3鍘樼背鐨勫ぇ鍧楀鐢紱2銆佺倰閿呭姞鐑埌3鎴愮儹锛屼繚鎸佷腑鐏紝涓嶇敤鏀炬补锛屽€掑叆楦″潡缈昏嚦鍑烘按锛岀劧鍚庡皢琛€姘村€掓帀涓嶇敤锛?銆侀浮鑲夊彉鐧斤紝寮€濮嬬倰鍑烘补鏃讹紝娣嬪叆楂樺害鐧介厭銆佸€掑叆閰辨补銆佺孩绯栦竴璧风炕鐐掞紝鐩村埌倦 咝 婅 壅 壊 尀 咧咧 庢 喢 斏 鍏 ヨ 描 掏 睿 Rui 圀 區 倒 递 揂 椤 嚤 壤 懣 椣 懗 榗?銆佹斁鍏ヨ懕銆佸缈荤倰鍧囧寑锛岀劧鍚庡皢鐐掑ソ鐨勯浮鑲夋斁鍏ュ埌姹ら攨涓紝鍔犲叆寮€姘达紝娌¤繃楦¤倝琛ㄩ潰锛?5 TOWER Huo ぇ Zun  Xiao Cha Yui Tongqie у Foubenchuzhi Yangzhiduwei ュ Gongdiluandiao Mocidongtie o Ren Zhangxieyaojuan  Hezun  Renyuan ii Canliaozunhai 1 Hao Qilu锛岀洿鍒伴浮鑲夐叆鐑傚嵆鍙紝鏈€鍚庡彲浠ユ牴鎹嚜宸辩殑鍙e懗璋冨叆閫傞噺鐨勭洂銆?鍋氭硶浜屼富鏂欙細姣嶉浮銆侀鑿囪緟鏂欙細濮溿€佸共杈f銆佹鐨€佸叓瑙掋€侀鍙躲€佽尨棣欒皟鏂欙細椋熺洂銆佸啺绯栥€佽€佹娊銆佺敓鎶姐€佽荆妞掗叡鍋氭硶锛?銆侀鑿囨彁鍓嶆场鍙戯紝楦″墎灏忓潡锛屽喎姘翠笅閿呯儳寮€锛岀劘鍘昏姘存潅璐ㄣ€?銆侀攨鍐呭€掗€傞噺娌癸紝涓嬬劘濂界殑楦″潡缈荤倰锛岀倰鑷抽浮鍧楀井寰劍榛勩€?鈆 ? 斁 鍏 ュ  Adopting a common branch fadvantages  镄  纴 鍏  姄 囄 雙 讹 纴 珚 尨 壨 欣 纴 鍐 閐 閊 顊?銆佹斁閫傞噺鐩愩€?銆佹斁閫傞噺鑰佹娊涓婅壊6銆侀€傞噺鐢熸娊銆?銆佹斁閫傞噺杈f閰便€?銆佹斁鍏ユ场鍙戝ソ鐨勫共棣欒弴锛屽€掑叆瓒抽噺寮€姘达紝澶х伀鐑у紑锛屼腑灏忕伀鐐栧埗姹ゆ眮鏀舵祿鍗Chong Keluo

[How to steam gluten before steaming]_How to steam_How to steam

銆 愯 捀 鍱 ㈢ 璎 討 庝 璞 璂 咠 Bifeng 劆 抆 悍 璂 竉 賉 庢 牱 钂?
鎴戜滑骞虫椂鍦ㄥ悆闈㈢毊鐨勬椂鍊欙紝缁忓父浼氬悆鍒伴潰绛嬶紝杩欑闈㈤鍙f劅闈炲父濂姐€傞櫎浜嗗悆闈㈢毊锛屽悆鐏攨鐨勬椂鍊欎篃浼氬悆鍒伴潰绛嬨€傞潰绛嬬殑鍋氭硶骞朵笉鏄緢闅撅紝涓嶈繃寰堝浜哄け璐ョ殑鍘熷洜鏄病鏈夊彂璧锋潵锛屼笉澶熻啫鑳€锛屼娇寰楅潰绛嬬敓纭潪甯稿奖鍝嶅彛鎰熴€傞偅涔堬紝钂搁潰绛嬫€庝箞钂告墠璧峰彂锛熶笅闈㈠挶浠氨鏉ヨ缁嗙湅鐪嬪惂銆備笉鑳芥礂鍑烘潵灏遍┈涓婅捀锛屽厛鎻夌偣閰垫瘝涔嬬被甯姪鍙戦叺锛屽苟鍦ㄥ父娓╀笅鑷劧閱掑彂涓変釜灏忔椂宸﹀彸涓婇攨钂搞€傝嚜鐒堕啋鍙戠殑杩欎釜鏃堕棿瑕佹妸鎻″ソ锛屼笉鍚屽鑺傦紝閱掑彂鐨勬椂闂翠篃鏄笉涓€鏍风殑锛屼竴鑸啲瀛e彲浠ヨ揪鍒颁竷鍏釜灏忔椂锛屽瀛d笁涓皬鏃跺乏鍙筹紝鍙閱掑彂鍒颁綅浜嗭紝鑷劧钃澗澶氬瓟浣撶Н澶э紝濂界湅涔熷ソ鍚冿紝鏀惧湪纰楅噷鏇存樉寰楅噺澶氾紝椤惧鏇存槸鍠滄銆傚噳鐨潰绛嬫€庝箞钂告墠鑶ㄨ儉锛氶潰绛嬪鏋滄兂璁╄捀鍑烘潵鐨勬晥鏋滆啫鍢樻澗杞紝浣嗗彛鎰熸湁鍤煎姴锛屽彧闇€瑕佹帉鎻′互涓嬪嚑鐐?噣溃绛嬫礂骞插噣2銆佹礂骞插噣钖庝笉鑳芥场姘达纴娉℃按鏄敊璇殑锛岃鎶婂畠鏀惧埌涓€涓泦閲屾帶姘达紝鏃堕棿涓€鑸槸3灏忔椂锛屾帶姘寸殑鍚屾椂涔熷湪鈥滈啋闈㈢瓔鈥?Do you want to press the button? Do you want to go down? Do you want to go down? Do you want to go? Do you want to go?0-40 鍒 嗛 挓 鍗 冲劲 銆?In the world, the world is in the same position. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on here. It ‘s the same thing.彂鐜紝涓嶆劅瑙夊悆璧锋潵寰堥潰銆傝€屼笖鍍忔捣缁典竴鏍锋澗鏉剧殑銆傞潰绛嬬殑鍏蜂綋姝ラ锛氾紙1锛夊嗳 澶?50. What is the difference between paper and paper?50鍏嬪乏鍙筹紙鍐锋按涓轰匠锛夛紝涓€灏忚尪鍖欑洂銆傚厜婊戠殑涓嶉攬閽㈢泦锛屾渶濂藉ぇ涓€鐐圭殑锛岃繖鏍峰ソ鎻夐潰銆傦紙2锛夋妸闈㈢瓔绮夊€掑叆鍏夋粦鐨勪笉閿堥挗鐩嗭紝鎶婄洂鍧囧寑鎾掑湪绮変笂锛堥鐩愯兘甯姪闈㈢瓔绮夌殑褰㈡垚锛夛紝蹇€熷皢姘村€掑叆鎻夋垚闈㈠洟锛堣繖閲岃蹇紝鏄洜涓洪潰绛嬬矇鍚告按閲忚姣旈潰绮夊ぇ濂藉锛屽鏋滃儚鍜岄潰閭f牱涓€鐐逛竴鐐圭殑鍊掓按锛屽鏄撶粨鍧楋紝鑲畾鍜屼笉鍑烘潵杞害鍚堥€傜殑闈㈢瓔鍥㈡潵锛岃€屼笖闈㈢瓔绮夌粨鎴愮‖鍧楀悗灏卞彂涓嶈捣鏉ワ級锛岀敤鍔涘拰Wei?0 闒 嗛 抓 銆 Effectiveness 旰 鈱 ㈡ 椂 闂 Photographs 攼 氲 秲 翂 紒 紒 〒What is the difference between the world and the world? A brief summary of the paper:  熾 爉 熉 熽 熽 熈 熱Read 1 燏 夔 抂 銆 傦 冦 纸 4 Advice about the world ‘s real world, and how to use it: what ‘s the matter? How many times have you picked up the paper?鐨勬椂闂翠笉鐢ㄥお闀匡級銆傦紙5锛夋礂闈€傛壘涓泦瀛愭帴涓€浜涘喎姘达紝鎶婇潰鍥㈡斁杩涘幓鎻夋礂銆傦紙涓€瀹氳鐢ㄥ喎姘村摝锛夈€傦紙6锛夊弽澶嶆崲姘存礂3锝烇紨娆★紝鐩村埌姘存參鎱㈠彉鐧戒简锛屽Ammonia and succulence ?Establishment of sorrows and sorrows ? 鈫 銫 銆 鈪 抪 銆 傦 紱 7 夋 凋 曰 殨 雨 咏 咫 刏 刏 刏 鈏閲屼竴鐐革紝鍒欎細杩呴€熻啫鑳€鍙樺ぇ锛岀偢鑷抽噾榛勫氨鍙互鎴愪负娌归潰绛嬨€傚悓鏍蜂篃鍙互鍒囨垚灏忕墖鎷垮幓钂搞€

[How chicken blood is made into a blood clot]_how to do _ practices Daquan

[How chicken blood is made into a blood clot]_how to do _ practices Daquan

Everyone’s familiarity with chicken blood should come from that sentence: it seems that the chicken blood was beaten.

This sentence illustrates how powerful the chicken blood is.

Under normal circumstances, chicken blood is in a liquid state, but it is not convenient to eat, so chicken blood is often made after being made into blood clots.

Chicken blood is fast after the chicken blood coagulates, showing a solid state like tofu.

How to make chicken blood into a blood clot? Put a small amount of water (about a tablespoon) in the bowl and add the salt to the water. The ratio of water to salt is about 20; 1.

Pour fresh chicken blood into the brine.

Let stand for about 20 minutes.

It turns into a chicken blood clot.

Chicken blood method 1: Chicken blood noodle material: chicken blood, chicken meat, pepper, ginger, refined salt, green onion, coriander, light green, vinegar, white soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper. Practice: 1. Add cold water to the bowl and add chickenBlood, stir well with chopsticks.

2. Put chicken in the pot, add peppercorns, ginger slices, refined salt, scallion and boil, remove and dry, and tear into small pieces.

3. Add the chicken blood and water to reconcile the noodles, roll them into thin pancakes and steam them, cut them into thin strips and place them in a bowl.

4. Add raw chicken soup, white soy sauce, pepper, green onion, coriander, MSG and boil in the pot.

Second, chicken blood soup ingredients: 100 grams of tofu, 10 grams of shrimp, 50 grams of chicken blood, 50 grams of chicken, 50 grams of spinach, 50 grams of eggs Seasoning: 2 grams of sesame oil, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 3 grams of pepper,8 grams of vinegar and 5 grams of starch Method: 1. Shred chicken; 2. Cut tofu and chicken blood into small strips; 3. Sea rice is soaked in boiling water; 4. Wash spinach and cut into 3 cm pieces, After boiling with boiling water, add cold water to cool, remove and squeeze dry; 5, put the pot on the fire, add fresh soup, add shredded chicken, chicken blood, tofu, refined salt, boil and skim off the foam;Then add spinach, thicken with wet starch, and turn the eggs into the soup; 7. Add vinegar, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil to serve.

The edible value of chicken blood is 1, the iron content in chicken blood is high, and it exists in the form of heme iron, which is easily absorbed and used by the human body.

Children and pregnant women at the stage of growth and development, breastfeeding women eat more animal blood substitutes, which can supplement iron deficiency anemia.

At the same time, because chicken blood contains trace element cobalt, it also has a certain supplementary effect on other anemia diseases such as malignant anemia.

2, chicken blood contains thrombin, thrombin can make fibrin in the blood phase state to generate insoluble fibrin quickly, so that the blood coagulates, so it has a hemostatic effect.

3, chicken blood has a bowel and laxative effect, it can clear the sediment and turbidity of the intestinal cavity, and it has a purification effect on harmful substances such as dust and metal particles, and can avoid cumulative poisoning. Therefore, it is a “scourge” of human dirt.
4. Chicken hematuria provides high-quality protein and a variety of trace elements for the human body, which is beneficial to malnutrition, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and post-illness care.

5. Recent studies have shown that chicken blood has a certain effect on bronchitis, functional uterine bleeding, ulcers and chronic hepatitis.

[Learn the AV style]

[Learn the “AV” style]

In order to harmonize the emotional life of husband and wife, we must pay attention to the issue of sexual interest.

Occasionally learning about that “AV” type of sex will warm up your feelings and make your sex life better.

First, playing shy innocence is usually the wildness of Japanese “AV” actresses, who are wild in Europe and the United States. They have a subtle expression at the beginning of sex.

This is also the characteristic and symbol of Eastern restrained culture.

A shy woman has the flavor of a little girl. A man can’t control his desire for protection in the face of such a woman. Especially in intercourse, the shyness shown by a woman will arouse the desire of men to conquer you more thanFor those women who are open in the intercourse, this little woman gesture is more attractive to men, and no man likes to have sex with a tough woman.


[Drink plenty of water for gastroenteritis]_Action_Benefits

[Drink plenty of water for gastroenteritis]_Action_Benefits

General doctors of patients with gastroenteritis will recommend drinking plenty of water to replenish the body fluids needed, because gastroenteritis and diarrhea can be very serious, which can easily cause dehydration of the body and cause great harm to the body.

Gastroenteritis patients also need to pay special attention to their diet. Some medicines can be used to regulate their stomach health. In particular, they need to drink plenty of water to balance gastrointestinal function.

First, the condition analysis is currently considering the possibility of gastrointestinal disorders or enteritis.

It is recommended to avoid spicy and irritating cold and greasy foods, avoid coffee tea carbonated drinks, and avoid milk soy milk coffee.

Usually light diet, eat less and eat more.

You can consider taking empirical treatments with trimebutine, berberine and probiotic Mia, a drug that regulates gastrointestinal function.

Symptoms are not relieved. It is recommended to see a gastroenterologist to improve blood routine, routine stool and colonoscopy.

Condition analysis: Hello, according to your description, my cousin has stomach pain and went to the hospital to get enteritis. He should take some drugs such as enteritis or lactobacillus tablets for treatment. Do a hot compress on the clothing and keep warm the abdomen.Spicy and irritating foods. Try to lighten your diet and drink plenty of water. It has no effect on enteritis.

Condition analysis: According to the information you provided above, in general, patients with enteritis and enteritis are mainly sick from the mouth, and eating unclean things is not a major illness, such as a minor illness like fever and cold, take some medicineIt will be fine soon.

Second, opinions suggest that according to the symptoms you describe, due to improper diet, acute enteritis, fasting during diarrhea, you can drink water, pay attention to water and electrolyte balance, you can oral Guchang Zhixie pills and probiotics in the body.

Hello, patients with enteritis can of course drink plenty of water. Drinking water can properly replenish water. It is better for the body. Moreover, people with enteritis are prone to lack of water. Of course, drink more water. Some people think thatDrinking water will diarrhea, which is not right, because drinking more water can also balance the body’s gastrointestinal function.

Pingmei Coal (601666): Proportion of Clean Coal Increases Profits Slightly Over Expected

Pingmei Coal (601666): Proportion of Clean Coal Increases Profits Slightly Over Expected

Event: On August 21, 2019, the company released its 2019 interim report, and the company achieved net profit in the first half of 20195.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 91 in ten years.

87%; operating income 122.

$ 2.5 billion.


  Comment on the first half of the performance of significant growth: the company achieved net profit in the first half of 20195.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 91 in ten years.

87%, net profit in the second quarter2.

7.2 billion, down 15 from the previous month.

95%, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Volume and price rose in the first half of the year: In the first half of 2019, the company’s raw coal production was shortened by 1434 and fell by 6.

34%; the sales volume of commercial coal increased by 1371, with an annual increase of 31.

83%, of which, sales of blended coal increased by 579, an increase of 14 per year.

88%, the sales volume of refined smelted coal was 502, an increase of 16 per year.


  The purity of tons of coal in the first half of the year was 726.

67 yuan / ton, an increase of 1 in ten years.

19%; the cost per ton of coal is 564.

41 yuan / ton, an annual increase of 3.

35%; gross margin is 22.

33%, down by 1 every year.

63 units.

In the single quarter, the company’s crude coal production in the second quarter was 697.

04 Initially, the year fell by 12.

84%, down 5 from the previous month.

42%; commercial coal sales were 664.

38 Initially, the annual growth rate is 43.

67%, down 5 from the previous month.

98%, of which 257 were blended coal sales.

54 Initially, it grew 24 per year.

51%, down 19 from the previous month.

88%, 264 refined smelted coal sales.

67 for the first time, growing by 15 per year.

69%, an increase of 11.


The comprehensive purity per ton of coal is 779.
3厦门夜网9 yuan / ton, down by 1 previously.
55%, an increase of 15 from the previous month.

11%; Estimated cost per ton of coal is 615.

57 yuan / ton, an increase of 7 in ten years.

30%, an increase of 19 from the previous month.

23%; then the gross profit margin of coal is 21.

02%, down 6 per year.

52%, an increase of 0 from the previous month.


Implementation announcement, the company plans to produce 2962 titles of raw coal in 2019, of which 1,000 tons of clean coal, accounting for 33.

76%, an increase of 5.

19 units.

The proportion of clean coal sales in the first half of 2019 was 36.

6%, fulfilling the company’s clean coal strategy.

Due to the higher clean coal, the increase in the proportion of clean coal will help the company to improve its overall efficiency.

Repurchase of shares, showing confidence: The company issued an announcement in April 2019, stating that it intends to use its own funds to limit the bidding based on centralized bidding2.

700 million, cap 3.

300 million, press no more than 5.

45 yuan / share repurchase part of the public shares, 50% of the repurchased shares are planned to make up to reduce the company’s registered capital; the remaining 50% of the repurchased shares are necessary to maintain the company’s value and shareholders’ rights, and the planThe takeover rules reduce the registered capital 12 months after the announcement of the repurchase results and the announcement of the share changes.

As of August 2, the company has repurchased 3764.

06 million shares, accounting for 1 of the total share capital.

594%, gradually using funds1.

6.5 billion, accounting for 61% of the lower limit of the funds to be used.

  The company’s large-scale repurchase of shares shows the company’s confidence in its long-term development.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 10.



48 ppm, corresponding EPS is 0.



49 yuan / share.

Give “Overweight-A” rating, 6-month target price of 4.

73 yuan.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downturn, sharply reduced demand, and lower coal prices

Tianzhun Technology (688003): Leading machine vision company has long been optimistic about the company’s competitiveness

Tianzhun Technology (688003): Leading machine vision company has long been optimistic about the company’s competitiveness

Tianzhun Technology is a leading company in the domestic machine vision industry.

Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading with leading artificial intelligence technology, with the goal of becoming a “global industrial vision industry leader”, and transforming it into long-term adherence in the future.

Tianzhun Technology specializes in standardized precision measuring instruments and non-standard intelligent detection equipment, and has a slight layout in terms of system integration.

The company applies the core technology of machine vision to the industrial field, and continuously develops research and development, and builds and strengthens technical barriers in cutting-edge technology fields such as machine vision algorithms, industrial data platforms, advanced vision sensors, and precision drive control technologies.

As the lead unit, the company has undertaken the development of major national scientific instruments and equipment, and the detection accuracy has reached 0.

3 micron international advanced level.

The company achieved rapid development in 2016-2018, with operating income of 1.

81\3.09 (+76.

5% ) \5.08 (59.

23%) 10,000 yuan, the net profit attributable to the mother is 0.

31\0.52 (+63.

8%)\0.94 (+83.

16%) billion yuan. In terms of business breakdown, the company’s sales revenue in 2018 was 5.

8 million yuan, of which 22% are precision measuring instruments, 71% are intelligent detection equipment, 6% are intelligent manufacturing systems, and 0 are unmanned logistics vehicles.

31 %%, benefiting from the development of the consumer electronics testing industry (mainly Apple), the company’s smart testing equipment has grown rapidly, and its operating income for 2016-2018 was 0.

74, 1.

84, 3.

59 million, becoming the company’s main growth pole.

The core advantages of Tianzhun Technology: algorithm advantages, brand advantages.

1. The company masters the integrated software algorithms of standardized equipment and non-standard special machines, has formed a relatively complete technical system (without relying too much on individuals), and has certain first-mover advantages compared with other domestic manufacturers.

2. At the same time, the company drafts industry standards and undertakes major national scientific instrument and equipment projects, which can form a good brand effect, and standard instruments and non-standard equipment have good complementary effects-the steady growth of standardized equipment can give the companyExpansion provides stable cash flow; non-standard equipment provides a place for the company’s self-developed software and hardware to help improve the standard equipment technology and start the brand.

Judging from the company’s future development: the company is expected to become a giant in the domestic visual industry.

The company’s future development is divided into two parts: First, to do an initial extension of multiple industries, using its own machine vision technology, to break through other industries including photovoltaics, automobiles, lithium batteries and other industries.

Tianzhun Technology’s photovoltaic PV wafer detection intelligent detection equipment has been recognized by customers such as GCL Group and Longji Group, and has achieved an alternative to Germany’s international advanced counterparts such as Hennecke.

Second, it will initially extend upwards and gradually form the expected barriers to competition.

The core of the vision system is software capabilities. In terms of software, the company’s independently developed Vispec software platform has excellent functions and can replace software such as Cognex’s Vision Pro. It is recognized by customers such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Group.Equivalent technical level.

In the field of sensors, the company’s independent research and development of intelligent 3D vision sensors, using leading embedded computing technology, is specially designed for high-speed and high-precision 3D inspection applications, and is a domestic replacement.

Profitability forecast and estimation.

The company’s current industry has continued to grow in domestic penetration and huge future space. Through technological breakthroughs and increased labor costs, the industry is expected to move from optional to mandatory. The company’s algorithm-based core competitiveness and horizontal expansion of the industry chain are expected toAs a leading domestic machine vision company, we estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company will be 1 in 19-21.


83, 2.

3 billion, referring to Cognex’s 2012-2017 high-speed growth period estimates, giving 35-40 times the 杭州桑拿网 estimate for 2019, corresponding to 49.

7-5.6 billion market value.

Risk Warning: The 3C market is sluggish and competition is intensifying; the other areas are not developing smoothly; technology cannot be broken through.