What causes antral sinusitis? What is the treatment of antral sinusitis?


What causes antral sinusitis? What is the treatment of antral sinusitis?

The occurrence of antral sinusitis is a very common disease in life. The treatment of antral sinusitis is also very difficult. There are many reasons for the difficulty in the treatment of antral sinusitis. One is because the patient did not find a good treatment for antral sinusitis.It is the patient who did not understand the cause of antral sinusitis, which led to repeated treatment of antral sinusitis.

So, what are the causes of antral sinusitis?

Causes of antral sinusitis 1. Helicobacter pylori infection of Helicobacter pylori infection is the most important cause of chronic non-atrophic gastritis. The relationship between the two is in line with Koch’s four basic requirements for determining the pathogen’s cause of infectious diseases.The pathogen is present in the patient, the distribution of the pathogen is consistent with the distribution in the body, and the disease can be improved after the pathogen is removed. In the animal model, the pathogen can cause a disease similar to human.

There are two prominent types of Helicobacter pylori-related chronic non-atrophic gastritis: the main gastritis of the antrum and the main body of the stomach are total gastritis.

The former gastric acid secretion can be increased, thus increasing the risk of duodenal ulcer; while the gastric acid secretion is reduced, and the risk of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer is increased.

2, other factors pyloric sphincter dysfunction, bile finger fluid containing bile and pancreatic juice back into the stomach, can remove the gastric mucosal barrier function, so that the gastric mucosa absorbs the role of digestive juice, producing inflammation, erosion, bleeding and epithelial metaplasiadisease.
Other exogenous factors, such as inhalation of alcohol, taking NSAID and other drugs, and some irritating foods repeatedly damage the gastric mucosa.

Treatment of antral sinusitis 1, choose a hospital distance from the hospital, generally according to the provisions of the National Price Bureau, there will be no pitfalls, and the price is open and transparent, every penny spent, patients canClearly found out.

2, choose the right equipment for your own gastroenteritis, be sure to choose the right equipment for your own, to avoid spending money, specifically consult a doctor, let the doctor diagnose the equipment for you after your diagnosis.

3, choose a good doctor, a one-time cure to spend less, you must choose a good doctor, the disease will be cured at one time, so that you can take less detours, do not spend money.

The disease of antral sinusitis is very rapid now, so at any time, patients with antral sinusitis should do their own prevention to prevent the refractory disease of antral sinusitis from happening to themselves.

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What is the cause of antral sinusitis?

Taiji Health Method Chen’s 56 Style Taijiquan Tricks


Taiji Health Method Chen’s 56 Style Taijiquan Tricks

Chen’s Taijiquan is a well-known Taijiquan, and it is also recognized by the martial arts community. Chen’s Taijiquan is divided into 56 styles, also known as Chen’s 56-style Taijiquan. The following is an introduction to Chen’s 56-style Taijiquan tricks.Lets come look.

銆€銆€Legend has it that Chen’s Taijiquan came like this: Chen’s ancestor Chen Buquan’s family settled in Changyang Village on Qingfengling, and worked diligently to cultivate his family. In order to protect the mulberry from local banditry, Chen Bu’s mastery of the weaponIn the middle of the establishment of the martial arts society, to teach the children and grandchildren to practice martial arts.

銆€銆€The first paragraph is one, starting from type 1, and the foot is upright 2, the opening step is two, the right Jin Gang 鎹g 1, the turn shed 鎹?2, turn the right 鎹?3, wipe the foot flat push 4, virtual step 鎾?palm 5, liftFist lifts the knee 6, shocks the foot and kicks the fist three, pulls the tie 1 , turns the palm to the left 2, divides the palm with the arc 3, rubs the foot with the arm 4, the horse steps the palm four, the right six seals four closed, the swivel wrist 2Lower shed lift 3, shed squat on support 4, virtual step double press five, left single whip 1, turn body push 2, turn to lift hook 3, bend knees to rub foot 4, horse step palm six, move 鎹?1, turnBoxing 2, swivel cross-hitting 3, arcing and punching 4, swivel cross-hitting seven, guarding heart 鎹?1, swivel boxing fist 2, leaping sniper 3, horse step arm eight, white crane winging 1, wiping footPalm 2, close the foot to the palm of the nine, slanting step 1 , turning around the arm 2, stepping on the foot 3, turning left to lift the hook 4, pushing the knee to push the 10, picking up 1, buttoning the foot 2, closing the footClose the hand 3, push the knee to push the eleven, the front 瓒?1, wipe the right 鎹?2, turn the palm 3, the horse step is divided into 12, the right hand cover the hand 鎹?1, lift the knee 鍒?2, wipe the foot arm 3Turned to the arm 4, the lungs and the fists thirteen, the body 鎹?1, the turn of the taekwondo 2, the external rotation of the fist fourteen, the back folding by fifteen, the green dragon out of the water 1, turn around鑷?锛岃浆鎻愭棆鑷?锛屾挬寮规敹鎷?4锛岄┈姝ュ彂鎷冲崄鍏紝鏂╂墜1锛屾憜鑴氱炕鎺?锛岄渿鑴氬垏鎺屽崄涓冿紝鍔堟灦鍗佸叓锛岀炕鑺辫垶琚栧崄涔濓紝宸over your elbows, wipe the feet and arm 2, turn the arm 3, lunge and punch 20, left 6 and 4 closed, lower shed 2, virtual step 3, wipe the foot 4, virtualStep double press 21, right single whip 1, turn the body to push 2, turn to lift the hook 3, bend the knee to wipe the foot 4, the first step of the horse step palm 22, the cloud hand (to the right) 1 close the foot 2Stepping on the palm 3, inserting the palm 4, opening the palm 5, swinging the palm 6, lifting the knee across the 23, the cloud hand (to the left) 1, stepping the palm 2, stepping on the palm 3,Insert the palm of the hand 4, open the palm of the hand 24, high probe horse 1, transfer the palm of the hand 2, step by step palm 3, turn and push the palm of the hand, turn the palm of the gun, turn around the shed 2, remove the step 3Push 4 before the step, remove the step 5, push the 26 before the step, the left bead gun 1, the left step 2, the step back 3, the step forward 4, the step 5, withPush twenty-seven before the step, flash the back 1, bend the knee and divide the palm 2, lunge through the palm 3, twist the waist and turn the palm 4, turn and push the third paragraph twenty-eight, finger 瑁嗘嵍 1锛孴urn the palm 2, rub the foot arm 3, turn the arm 4, lunge punch 29, white 鐚?fruit 1, turn left 鎹?2, turn the shed arm 3, lift the knee punch 30, doublePush the hand 1, the foot and the palm of the hand 2, the virtual step double push 31, the middle plate 1, turn to defeat the palm 2, reverse the defeat 3, reverse the defeat 4, turn to wear the palm 5, arm around the arm 6, the horse step handle threeTwelve, before the recruitment of thirty-three, after the recruitment of thirty-four, right wild horse is quite 1, the transfer around the arm 2, the knee around the arm 3, the horse step wearing the palm thirty-five, the left wild horse divided the first 1, the knee spin鎺?锛岄┈姝ョ┛鎺屼笁鍗佸叚锛屾憜鑾茶穼鍙?锛岃浆韬棆鎺?2锛岃浆韬崑鎸?锛屾敹鑴氭憜鎺?锛岀嫭绔嬫憜鑴?锛岄渿鑴氳穼鍙変笁鍗佷竷锛屽乏鍙抽噾楦$嫭绔?锛孡ift the knee to wear the palm 2, drop the foot to press 3, rub the foot to swing the palm 4, close the foot to close the palm 5, lift the knee to wear the fourth paragraph of the palm of the 38th, rewind the 杈?1, the horse step arm 2, step back and push the palm 3Step back and push the 39th, retreat to elbow 1, turn the palm 2, turn the palm 3, step back and cross 40, rub the foot 1, turn the right 鎹?2, rest step arm 3, split the foot and take the forty-one, reins 1, turn over the wrist 2, squatting and squatting forty-two, flipping the seabed 1, kneeling arm 2, knee lift缈昏噦鍥涘崄涓夛紝鍑诲湴鎹?锛岃惤鑴氳惤鎷?锛屾彁鑴氫妇鎷?锛屽紦姝ヤ妇鎷冲洓鍗佸洓锛岀炕韬簩璧?锛屼妇涓炬嫵 2锛岃吘璧锋媿鑴氬洓鍗佷簲锛屽弻闇囪剼12, 钀?韫?鍒?2 2, 韫?韫?韫?3 3 , , , , , , 韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?锛岄┈姝ラ《鑲樺洓鍗佷節锛岃9闉偖1锛屽彉鎹㈢粫鑷?锛岄┈姝ュ垎鍑讳簲鍗侊紝闆€鍦伴緳浜斿崄涓€锛屼笂姝ヤ竷鏄?1锛屽紦姝ョ┛鎷?锛岃櫄姝ユ灦鎷?锛屾棆鑵曞鎾?锛屽彉鎷冲悜鍓嶄簲鍗佷簩锛岄€€姝ヨ法铏?锛屾挙姝ュ垎鎺?2锛屼竵姝ヤ妇鎺屼簲鍗佷笁锛岃浆韬憜鑾?锛岃浆韬棆鎺?锛屾彁鑶濆垎鎺?锛岃惤鑴氭憜鎺?锛孖ndependently patted the foot fifty-four, as the first gun 1, the foot pushed the palm 2, turned to receive the fist 3, turned the shed hit fifty-five, left Jin Gang 鎹g 1, changed palm 鎹?2, virtual step 鎾?palm 3, shock foot 鐮?fistFifty-six, collection

Experts explain the protein powder to adapt to the local population


Experts explain the protein powder to adapt to the local population

The propaganda slogan of eating protein powder is “eat protein can grow muscles”. In fact, if you eat protein powder alone, you will not grow muscles if you eat more.

The supplement of the body’s muscle growth (increased muscle cells) is related to exercise, and food ranks second.

If there is no exercise, no pressure is given to the muscles. Whatever is added will be sputum, but not muscle.

銆€銆€Even if exercise is inevitable, it is difficult to grow muscle protein alone.

Many people think that in order to maintain a good body during exercise, therefore, the diet should try to avoid energy substances such as staple food, a slight intake, and increase the absorption of protein.

As everyone knows, in the case of insufficient energy, protein can only be used for body consumption, rather than synthetic body protein, it does not have the effect of long muscles.

銆€銆€Therefore, in order to strengthen the body muscles, it is necessary to maintain exercise, and at the same time, there are alternative conditions for protein supplementation: the energy absorbed by the diet is sufficient for the body to consume.

Then, eat more protein (or protein powder) to grow your muscles.

銆€銆€Moreover, protein metabolism as energy produces a lot of metabolites, which increases the burden of viscera and accumulates insulin for damage in the long run.

If I have a high blood pressure disease, it is more likely to cause an acute attack.

銆€銆€Further, from the beginning, the protein powder is a protein powder composed of purified soy protein, casein, whey protein, or a combination of several of the above proteins.

Protein is actually found in many natural foods, such as meat, beans, milk, eggs, etc. are rich in protein.

As long as you are in good health, have a normal diet, normal food intake, and no partial eclipse, you can get enough protein from your food. You don’t need to eat more protein powder.

銆€銆€In summary, the application of protein powder is: First, I am particularly partial eclipse, especially do not like meat, beans, milk, eggs and other protein foods.

銆€銆€Second, my gastrointestinal function is poor and I can’t get enough protein from food.

銆€銆€Third, I am particularly thin and do have long muscle needs. Therefore, on the basis of balanced nutrition and sufficient energy, I must take a little more high-protein food or protein powder, and let myself like sports.

To be a man of Confucianism, to health by the way, to cherish the heart, to fulfill the responsibility with ink, to base on the law, to enter the city with soldiers.


To be a man of Confucianism, to health by the way, to cherish the heart, to fulfill the responsibility with ink, to base on the law, to enter the city with soldiers.

To be a Confucian, to health, to cherish the heart, to do their duty in ink, to use the law as the base, to enter the city with soldiers.

Confucius and Mencius, from morality to politics, reorganized and established a great personality ideal, and replaced the systematic political and economic system.

Their ideological logic is to ask to be a person first, then to do things, to be good people, to do good things.

In the term of Confucianism, it is called “the inner king of the outer world.”

Zhu Xi’s so-called “University” is eightfold. “Gifts, knowledge, sincerity, righteousness, self-cultivation, family, governance, and the world” follow this logic.

Therefore, Confucianism is actually a scientific research political science from scientific research to politics.

Everything revolves around being a human being and being a moral person. Therefore, the pursuit of the realm of life has become the core appeal of Confucianism.

To be a man of Confucianism requires us to establish a lofty ideal and to do things in a down-to-earth manner. Confucius told us to “go to school.”

Our daily study is to go to school, it seems to be very normal, but as long as you adhere to this school, your level of knowledge, cultural taste, moral realm will be gradually improved, that is, constantly achieve, and close to that ideal.
There is a saying that is good: it is not ordinary to do all the ordinary things. It is not easy to do everything simple.

There is something extraordinary in the ordinary, and it is not simple in the simple. In the words of the Doctrine of the Mean, it is “very high and moderate.”

The words of Shang Tang Wang: “The new day, the new day, and the new.

“The basic requirements of doing Confucianism.”

A positive, optimistic, high-spirited attitude towards life has directly nurtured the spirit of the Chinese nation’s self-improvement.

“Book of Changes” said: “Tian Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement.

“Gentlemen can always get inspiration from the healthy running universe, get inspiration, and thus strive for self-improvement and perseverance in their own career and ideals.”

This sentence is also a tribute to the Chinese nation that has inspired the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It embodies the unique cultural concept of the unity of heaven and man of the Chinese nation and has become an inexhaustible spiritual source of the Chinese nation.

The wisdom of Confucianism is mainly embodied in the spirit of the sun.

The Taoist spirit is the spirit of the moon. If you are wise, if you are ignorant, you will be happy, you will be happy, you will be able to keep your feet, you will be weak, you will not be the best in the world, you will do nothing.

How much wisdom in life is hidden in the humility of the Taoist, this kind of humility is like the moonlight that silently protects the earth.

Look at the moonlight, how gentle, how subtle!

It is a great wisdom of China to exchange the sun and the moon and complement each other.

Confucianism and Taoism complement each other, just like the sun and the moon alternately run, just like the integration of sin and sin, yin and yang, each other, soft and soft, and reality.

Confucianism and Taoist meteorology, accession to the world and the birth of the world, promising and inaction, combining the world with the world, the generosity of the songs and the cynicism, in the rivers and lakes and the heart of Wei Wei, so wonderfully complement each other, composed of Chinese wisdom is both ethereal and richSpectacular picture.

The boundless realm, meditation five hearts: 1.

Compassionate compassion is actually a kind of concern for the noble feelings of the human world, similar to the morality of Confucianism.

The Zen family said, “The leaves are full of empty mountains, where to find traces”;

There is greatness in the ordinary heart, and this is the enlightenment of Zen.

Therefore, Zen also speaks normal and normal.

The general monk said that “the normal heart is the Tao”, “everywhere you live, Hengan Le”;

The pure heart “the dust of the present is the best, and the light of the mountains and the rivers” is the realm of meditation.

Hui Neng: “Bodhi is not a tree, and the mirror is not Taiwan.

There is nothing in the original, where is the dust?


Freedom of mind to cultivate a free heart is to break away from the name of the lock, jump out of the red dust, and achieve a transcendent spiritual realm.

To realize this spiritual realm, in the words of Buddhism, we must first be able to give up and be able to let go.

What are you willing to do?

The Buddhist family said: “There are six internal knowledge, six in the middle, and six in the outside.”5.

The heart of the natural heart, Li Yuzan, and the poems of Yaoshan have a Zen temperament: they choose to live in the wilderness and wilderness.

Sometimes I go straight to the top of the lonely peak, and I laughed at the moon.

The highest existence contributes to nature.

Lao Tzu tells us that “the Tao is natural,” Confucianism also said that “everything is self-satisfied, and four times Jiaxing is the same as human beings.”

You see that the existence of all things on that day is such a comfortable, alternating spring, summer, autumn and winter, the season’s carols and the people’s longing for nature, synthesizing a beautiful life poem.

Zen strives to realize the realm of life in nature, and is similar to the pursuit of Confucianism and Taoism.

Su Dongpo has the first poem “Wang Ting”, which can help us understand the natural heart of Zen: the tide of the mountains and the rain in Zhejiang, has not been able to hate it.

There is nothing left to come.

The natural heart of Zen is reflected in the natural flow of life. The so-called “spring has a hundred flowers and autumn, and there is a cool summer in winter with snow.”

If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world.”

By the way, it is to obey the laws of nature, as if there are no people in the empty mountains, and the water is flowing.

Zen is a life attitude, a realm of life, a special kind of living method.

There is no Zen in leaving life, Zen makes life really accumulate, and benefits, let us come out in the vain vanity field and breathe quietly.

A compassionate heart will make your humanity radiate the brilliance of the Buddha. It is amazingly warm and warm; a normal heart will make you willing to be indifferent, and you will be safe with you; a clean heart will make you feel like a mirror, and you will be refreshed.Shuang; a free heart will make you feel at ease, accessible everywhere; a natural heart will make you pass through the heavens and the earth, return to the source of life, and get the most beautiful settlement.

In this way, you can overcome the confusion and illusion in the journey of life, freely, stretch, and live happily.



Socks too tight to induce diabetes

Socks too tight to induce diabetes

When choosing socks, we should pay attention to the thickness and size of the socks.

The socks that have been bought back, if the socks are too tight, may hinder the steam iron from quickly “fat” the socks.

銆€銆€In order to prevent the socks from slackening, many friends like to wear socks with tight socks, and even red marks on the foot.

As everyone knows, the sock is too tight, which is very bad for health.

銆€銆€The toes are an important part of the blood circulation of the feet. If the socks are tight, the venous blood can flow back to the heart through the foot. If the socks are too tight, the blood of the veins that should flow back to the heart will accumulate near the feet.Will increase the burden on the heart, and even lead to high blood pressure.

銆€銆€People often feel that the feet are cold, and it may be because the socks are too tight. It is caused by the inability of the arterial blood to reach the feet in time, resulting in a decrease in the local metabolism of the feet.

In addition, the tightness of the sock will cause the stratum corneum of the foot to thicken, become rough, dry, and induce corns, foot pads, etc. over time.

銆€銆€Middle-aged and elderly friends should pay special attention, because some people often have different levels of hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, local compression of the sock to the foot often lead to increased blood pressure, and even induce high blood pressure.

Diabetic patients often have different degrees of poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and feet. The tightness of the sock is no different from “snowing”, which may easily induce or aggravate diabetic foot.

銆€銆€Therefore, when choosing a sock, in addition to paying attention to its size and size, it is better to see whether the tightness of the sock is appropriate.

The socks that have been bought back, if the socks are too tight, may hinder the steam iron from quickly “fat” the socks.

銆€銆€The specific method is: first measure the circumference of the footboard with a soft ruler, then find a moderately-discarded cardboard box to prop up the socks. According to the thickness of the socks, set the temperature of the iron on both sides.Gently iron each side of the sock, so that the original tight mouth can be much looser.

A trick to cure kidney deficiency!


The old professor Gao Shou is 99 years old and relies on this small practice!

A trick to cure kidney deficiency!
The old professor Gao Shou is 99 years old and relies on this small practice!

Writer: Wu Guozhong, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner, has published many health books. My teacher, Mr. Hu Haiya, is 95 years old.

The former troops accompanied him to the physical examination, and the physical indicators were basically normal.

(Note: This article was written in 2009. Mr. Hu Haiya is a professor at Peking University Affiliated Hospital, Dan Dao, a doctor of Chinese Taoist Culture, and a martial arts consultant. He died in 2013 at the age of 99.

After the old colleague of his unit met with him, he joked: “Your body is like a young man. Is there any health secret?”

You are studying Taoism and teaching us some magic bullets!

The old gentleman smiled and said, “Which is a panacea, the wonderful medicine is in your body, but you don’t know how to use it.”

“The words of Mr. Hu Hai’s old teacher aroused everyone’s curiosity and asked for advice.”

I saw the teacher clenching his fists in his hands and sticking it behind his back. He was slightly tilted up and down through the body and smiled a little. “Do you understand?”

This is it.

“Everyone looks confused: “Is it so simple?

“The teacher has a deep meaning: “Don’t underestimate this action. In the past, how much you spent on it could not be learned. This is the secret of not changing money.”

“This way, everyone is even more curious, and quickly asked what is going on.”

The teacher said: “In fact, all the old books have said, 鈥榯he water is not rot, the household is not sturdy.’ If you want to live, you have to move. The key is how to move.

The biggest effect of this method is to encourage the kidney gas, and the human body yang is born in a short time.

The kidney is the congenital, the main body of water, warm and cold.

People who have been engaged in mental work for a long time are not moving well, resulting in excessive yin and yang deficiency. They will produce symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, and forgetfulness. By using this method for three to five minutes, one hour of continuous labor can be alleviated.Fatigue is very suitable for people who are now mentally motivated by the military.

This method is also suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. The old legs are weak first, and the waist and legs are connected. In fact, the kidney is weak, and the massage of the renal pelvis has the effect of directly tonifying the kidney.

The middle-aged and old people usually move, the kidneys are full, and the natural back is not bent.

After listening to the teacher’s explanation, everyone learned how the teacher just looked.

I have also practiced this method for many years and I feel that it is particularly good. It is deeply touched and caused by personal experience.

Once, I had to go to a famous university in Beijing to teach health students. Some students asked me: “You are engaged in clinical diagnosis and treatment, but also academic research. How do you have such good energy?

“I didn’t answer his question directly. Others found a student who didn’t look too good from the seat and asked him to go to the stage to do the action of the strong kidney method that Hu Lao passed to me.”

I asked him to make a fist in both hands, and the fist was empty (pictured above), and it was placed in the position of the renal pelvis (as shown below).

Using the upper and lower jaws of the knee joint to repeatedly rub, the fists do not move, the feet are slightly creased through the body, and the waist is slightly warm.

Three or five minutes later, the student was happy, “I have never felt so relaxed, this method is really effective!

“At one time, the class boiled up.

This shows that this method is the most useful to anyone?

It is precisely a person who is over-tired, has a bad spirit, and lacks sleep.

Most people don’t even have time to rest now, let alone keep plenty of energy.

There is a physiologist in the former Soviet Union. After many years of research, I found that people’s fatigue can’t rest on rest alone. They must rest and relieve fatigue, and they can’t replenish their energy. The best way is to recover by exercise, and our methodNot only can it relieve fatigue, but it can also make up the kidney in a short time.

In the past, this method was praised as the lack of kidney qi pills in Chinese medicine, and it has the effect of warming kidney yang. It is the most effective method of tonifying kidney.

For patients with kidney deficiency, chronic lumbar muscle strain, and lumbar disc herniation, it is very practical.

Yangshen Tea

Watch out!


Abnormal erection of the penis will affect reproduction, early diagnosis and early treatment

Watch out!
Abnormal erection of the penis will affect reproduction, early diagnosis and early treatment

Abnormal erection of the penis refers to the erection of the penis but inexplicably and continuously, and the erection of the penis for more than 6 hours is an abnormal erection.

Eventually the penis will be over-congested, edematous and painful.

Abnormal penile erection is common 5?
10 years old and 20?
50 years old.

The causes of abnormal penile erection caused by abnormal penile erection can be divided into primary and secondary types. The cause of abnormal erection of primary penis is still unclear. The causes of secondary penile abnormalities are as follows.: A, neurological: caused by spinal nerves or nerve damage distributed around the genital genitals, such as spinal cord trauma, neuromedin and so on.

B, mechanical: late pelvic tumor, infiltration and compression, external forces (such as metal rings) continue to oppress the root of the penis, local penile trauma.

C, blood diseases: leukemia, true cytomegalolysis, sickle cell anemia, thrombophlebitis, phosphoric acid glucose, multiple enzyme deficiency.

D, drug: thiazide, acetyl ketone, benzoquinone, the so-called “aphrodisiac” and so on.

Abnormal penile erection affects infertility. Abnormal erection of the penis can cause persistent expansion of the corpus cavernosum artery, persistent contraction of the vein, increased blood stasis and viscosity, and even thrombosis. Slimness affects intravascular oxygen exchange, and venous blood is severely blocked.Increased vascular tone, edema of the cavernous septum, apoptosis and damage of colon cells.

Bladder cell damage may be the cause of impotence in the future. Some people think that even if it is treated in time, impotence will occur, and fibrosis may occur, and normal sexual life cannot be performed.

Therefore, abnormal erection of the penis can also lead to male infertility.

Doctors remind: abnormal penile erection should be diagnosed early and treatment of abnormal penile erection is an emergency, must be treated as soon as possible to restore cavernosal venous return.

However, patients with abnormal penile erections are often embarrassed to go to the hospital immediately, hoping to resolve on their own, often delaying for a few days or even weeks to seek medical treatment, so that even after treatment, their penis lost erectile capacity.

Therefore, it is imperative for patients to treat them early, so as to ensure the efficacy.

1, stop sex, avoid all sexual stimulation; local cold compress (ice bag), use sedative drugs to stabilize.

2, eliminate nerve and muscle stimulation, commonly used lumbar spinal cord, epidural anesthesia, pudendal nerve block and so on.

3, under general anesthesia controlled hypotension, in the root of the penis, the sponge is implanted with a large needle puncture, and the penis is removed.

Rinse repeatedly with heparin saline until fresh blood is replenished, the penis is softened and then pressure bandaged, supplemented with topical or systemic anticoagulant therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used four food supplement method


Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used four food supplement method

The commonly used food supplement methods in traditional Chinese medicine include the flat complement method, the clear complement method, the warm complement method, and the sufficiency method. Appearance: 1. The flat complement method has two meanings: one is that the application is not hot or cold, and the nature is peaceful, such as largePart of the grain, fruits, vegetables, some poultry, eggs, meat, milk, including the previous rice, corn, lentils, cabbage, alfalfa, pork, milk and so on.

One is to apply food that can both qi and yin or both yang and yin, such as yam, honey, etc., which not only spleen and lung, but also spleen and lung yin, such as scorpionKidney yin, and kidney yang.

These foods are suitable for general health care.

銆€銆€2, the method of supplementing is to apply supplements instead of nourishing the stomach, the nature of the food is mild or cold, and sometimes it is also to eliminate the evidence of diarrhea, such as clear stomach heat, Tongli two, strengthen digestion and absorption, push ChenAnd to the new, to remedy.

Commonly used foods are mostly fruits and vegetables, including radishes, melons, watermelons, millet, apples, pears, and daylilies.

銆€銆€3, warming method is the application of warm food to replenish the method, suitable for yang deficiency or qi and yang distortion, such as limb cold, chills, fatigue, fatigue, urinary clear long frequency or edema embolism, also often asOrdinary people’s winter tonic food.

Commonly used such as walnut kernels, jujube, longan meat, pig liver, squid, sea shrimp and so on.

銆€銆€4, the Junbu method is to apply the food with strong replenishment effect and quick effect to achieve the urgent need for benefit.

The application of this method should pay attention to the conditions of constitution, season, condition, etc., and it is necessary to achieve the purpose of replenishing without deviation.

Commonly used foods include lamb, dog meat, venison, deer, deer tail, deer kidney, turtle, bear paw, hip fish, and yellow croaker.

A person’s sentence tells you the mood and gives you a person


A person’s sentence tells you the mood and gives you a person

First, let us change the worries of the past into the thinking and planning beforehand!

Second, I know the most about it, but I still want to cry a little.

Third, life is short and small, like a small dragonfly temporarily placed between the heavens and the earth, also like the small miliary in the sea.

Fourth, the curtain of the stage of life may be opened at any time. The key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.

Five, single but lonely, will be tortured.

Sixth, the average person who knows the book at a young age and understands the humanity and matures is to teach from a small family, or to love from a small one.

Seven, a person will give others confidence unless they have confidence.

Eight, one person is not alone in eating, one person is not alone in walking, one person does not fall asleep, and one person is not alone in watching movies.

It is loneliness to secretly like a person.

Nine, people must believe in themselves, this is the secret of success.

Ten, if it is only friendship, you can be friends as a friend, don’t be too greedy.

Love is too extreme, or a lifetime, or strange.

Eleven, if we can bravely love, bravely forgive, be generous and happy because of the happiness of others, and be able to know intelligently that we have enough love around us, then we will complete the integrity that other creatures never knew.

Twelve, successful people learn from others, and those who fail only learn from their own experiences.

Thirteen, people have sadness and joy in their life, and the moon has also encountered a cloudy and sunny day. It has been difficult to complete things and life since ancient times.

Fourteen, before I was particularly concerned about the feelings of others, the idea now is to be friends with similar people, not to be able to talk together, and not to care.

Fifteen, you don’t have to marry a favorite person. If you love someone too much, you will lose yourself. You don’t have to marry the best person. A person who is too good will give you pressure.

The right person is nothing more than knowing the cold and knowing the heat, hungry to cook for you, tired to help you back.

Women always pursue romance in this life, but life does not have so many plots; reliable men do not have a lot of tricks, but can accompany you to live a plain life.

Sixteen, if you can’t let go, continue to like him, maybe you will touch him, maybe you will be tired to let go.

Seventeen, if there is an afterlife, I will not be anyone of you, I will be your mobile phone.

Then you will hold me in your hand every day. If you forget me in a hurry, you will look around in anxiously, not that I am sticking to you, even if you can’t leave me, if you bully me, I will crash.show you!

Eighteen, I am deeply in love with you, I have made plans to live with you for a lifetime, and I am ready to go at any time, and I am deeply entangled. This is probably the best concept of love.

Nineteen, happiness must be accompanied by sorrow, there should be fine weather after the rain.

If it rains after the rain, it will still be sad if it is sad.

Please let us calmly face the parting after this parting.

Smile to find an impossible person!

Twenty, what can be said is not bitterness. What can’t be said is really bitter.

Twenty-one, the firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character, and one of the tools of success.

Without it, genius will be in vain in the path of inconsistency.

Twenty-two, please don’t appear in my dreams, I can’t afford the waking loss.

Twenty-three, love, sometimes does not necessarily pay off.

If you only love for the sake of return, it is not love.

Love does not regret, love is giving, love is watching the smile of a lover and smiling.

The love I want is like this.

Twenty-four, in order not to let life leave regrets and regrets, we should try to seize all opportunities to change our lives.

Twenty-five, I have no time to be serious and young. When I understand it, I can only choose to be serious.

Twenty-six, a person’s honor and disgrace is short-lived, but a person’s reputation is good or bad but will flow to future generations.Life should be self-respecting.

Twenty-seven, in order to prove to yourself to others, to work hard, and once you have achieved the results, you will understand: people do not have to prove anything to others, as long as you can surpass yourself.

Twenty-eight, the things that go through should be memorized, and the reviewers should look like rivers.

Five porridge can help you drive mites


Five porridge can help you drive mites


Betel nut porridge betel nut 30 grams, 30 grams of rice, crystal sugar amount.

銆€銆€Decoction of the betel nut water, increase the rice to be a gruel, add the rock sugar when cooked, cook one, and boil it, one dose a day, three days for a course of treatment, for 1-2 courses.

銆€銆€Generally, the worm body can be discharged after 24 hours of taking the medicine, and it is also effective for tsutsugamushi disease in children.


Bitter root porridge bitter root white skin 10 grams (30 grams of fresh), 30 grams of rice, crystal sugar amount.

銆€銆€Decoction of bitter root bark juice, increase rice, rock sugar porridge to take food, depending on the situation of deworming, can take 1 time every 5-7 days.

銆€銆€According to more than 20,000 clinical observations, aphids can be discharged in a few hours or 2-3 seconds, and most of them are discharged in 24-48 hours.


Ume porridge pudding 15 grams, 50 grams of rice, crystal sugar amount.

Take the above method.

銆€銆€Ume is sour and sour, flat, Chinese medicine believes that the mites are sour, so the ebony treatment of pediatric tsutsugamushi, especially the effect of insect accumulation abdominal pain is very good.


Pepper porridge pepper 5-10 grams, 30 grams of rice.

The pepper is ground into a fine powder for use.

First take the rice porridge, when the porridge is cooked, transfer the pepper powder, cook one, and boil it, 1-2 times a day.

銆€銆€”Compendium of Materia Medica” said that pepper can “kill mites, stop diarrhea”, clinical observation found that pediatric general 15-20 minutes after taking the drug to stop abdominal pain, then defecation, and discharge mites.


Hundreds of porridge and porridge, 10 grams each, 30 grams of rice, crystal sugar.

銆€銆€Pour a hundred, Guanzhong water decoction juice, increase rice boiled into a thin porridge, add sugar sugar when cooked, then boil 1-2 boil, one dose per day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

銆€銆€The “Materia Medica” can say “killing, licking, flies, cockroaches”.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” can be said to “kill three insects.”

銆€銆€The combination of the two can enhance the power of insecticide and pain relief.