NBA preseason Kings VS Lakers live online watch the address of whether the United League can debut again _1

NBA preseason Kings vs. Lakers live stream
The Lakers VS Kings United again ushered in Beijing time on October 14, the NBA preseason is in full swing, the Los Angeles Staples Center, the Lakers sit at home against the Kings.Russell lost in the last match against Lillard, can this game reproduce a crazy performance; the last time the United League finally re-entered the opportunity and played positively, Wharton also praised the United LeagueThe performance, whether the United Arab Emirates can get the chance to play again is expected.  The Lakers officially started the wave of layoffs on Wednesday, local time. The United League through the performance against the Nuggets, successfully evaded the tailor, in the next opportunity more need to grasp, resulting in the last rotation seat.  Game live broadcast address: October 14th NBA Sacramento Kings VS Los Angeles Lakers In the first four preseason games, the Lakers won 2 wins and 2 losses, most of them have reversed the Kings, but in the last game was reversed by the BlazersThe Kings lost to the Lakers and Warriors in the first two games. In the last game, they defeated the Israeli powerhouse Makabi by 39 points.  Initial predictions for the starting lineup: Lakers: Russell, Williams, Deng, Randall, Mozgov Kings: Lawson, Avraro, Guy, Cousins, Coufers

Star Wars 9 42 years!Goodbye Skywalker!

“Star Wars 9” 42 years!Goodbye Skywalker!
The final part of the new Star Wars trilogy “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” (hereinafter referred to as “Star Wars 9”) is ahead of the built-in location in North America on December 18th.On the first day, the box office received more than 13 million yuan, and the cumulative box office at the time of the publication was more than 22 million yuan.In terms of word of mouth, the freshness of the film on Rotten Tomatoes has remained at 58%. Foreign media commented that “although it lacks imagination, it is ultimately satisfactory to Star Wars fans for the end of the new trilogy.”” Douban score reached 7 points.Many viewers believe that this work draws a sentence number for “The Legend of Skywalker” and “Post-Star Wars”. All the reunions are reunited, all the mysteries are solved, and each character has the bestbid farewell.  In the last one, Luke, who has turned into a Jedi hero, will also return at a key point in the film. This will be the last time Star Wars film star Mark Hamill starred in the movie; Luke in the old version.General Doy Karinsin will also return. He once again pronounces the famous line “Star Wars” series “I have a bad hunch”; and all the Jedi heroes will return collectively in a “flashback” way; Thousands of ship destroyers assembled to attack, the Millennium Falcon continued to jump between the universe, 42 years ago, the first “Star Wars” decisive battleship will be re-launched in the movie . It can be said that the entire “Star Wars 9″”Is a collection of feelings dedicated to Star Wars fans.    1 “Star Wars 9” eight eggs and see the traditional opening “Star Wars 9” still maintains the tradition of nine consecutive movies.In the beginning of the film, there must be a sentence “Long ago, in a distant galaxy” (a long time ago, in a distant galaxy), which can be played by the classic main melody, and the yellow star “STAR WARS” appears in the vast sky, followed byIt is a rolling title that narrates the background of the story. Finally, the camera shakes down, and the latest story of Star Wars is officially launched.  2 Two robots in a nine-part series. At the beginning, George Lucas had formulated a plan for the 12 series of “Star Wars”, then he reduced this number to 9, and the robots C-3PO and R2-D2 became all 9.The only character that appears in.Anthony Daniels, who is wearing a C-3PO robot jacket, will also be the only actor who has appeared in all nine films.  3 “Glory” injured Oscar Isaac’s wave played by the storm soldier’s laser gun in “Star Wars 9”, the wave also became the only main character in the Star Wars series injured by the storm soldier.  4 BB-8 and new friends Since their debut in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, BB-8 has become the love of fans all over the world.This gigantic, cute thing is loved by fans as the “best supporting actor” and is responsible for rescuing the whole galaxy.”In” Star Wars 9, “BB-8 will still debut, and it has new friends, a body similar to walking hair dryer and pea shooter.  5 Tribute to “Northwest Northwest” The scene where Lei was attacked by an aircraft before the duel with Kellogg Ren in the desert paid tribute to the classic shot of Hitchcock’s film “Northwest Northwest”.  6 Two lightsabers defeated Sisley. Two lightsabers resisted Sith ‘s lightning attack, and the lightning reflection hit Emperor Palpatine. The last Sith died, and Palpatine was struck by his own power.Pass through and explode.Lei finally disassembled Luke’s lightsaber and Leia’s lightsaber together, and the two lightsabers formed a new, yellow lightsaber.This is also the first time the “Star Wars” yellow lightsaber appeared.  7Classic kiss Lei restores the original force and kills Palpatine after dying, when Kellow Leni miraculously climbed out of the abyss, seeing Lei, he remembered Lei ‘s ability to heal himself, KayLuo Ren decided to sacrifice himself and transfer his life and power into Lei. When Lei woke up, they had an affectionate kiss, Kai Luo Ren immediately “formed and destroyed”, and the last Skywalker died.  8 The Two Suns movie ends with a picture of the two suns, echoing the scene of Luke’s view of the Red Sun in 1977’s “Star Wars: New Hope”.  Written by / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan

[Impact of Daqingye on pregnant women]_Daqingye_Pregnancy period_Danger

[Impact of Daqingye on pregnant women]_Daqingye_Pregnancy period_Danger

Before taking Dayeqing to treat diseases, you must understand what diseases this Chinese medicine can treat, and you must also understand the contraindications of taking this Chinese medicine. For example, women cannot take this Chinese medicine during pregnancy. This also reminds womenThey are proud.

First, the impact of compound Daqingye on grain?

Taking medicine during pregnancy has a certain impact on the fetus, but this situation will not have a great impact. It is recommended to pay attention to the pregnancy check and do the mental development found by Down’s screening at 15-20 weeks of pregnancy. Within 22-26 weeks of pregnancyDo a four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination to determine the threshold for healthy development.

Usually pay attention to eat more protein-rich foods, eat a light diet, eat less spicy food, do not eat cold food.

Usually pay attention to rest, maintain a good attitude, and take good care of the fetus.

Second, eating Daqingye during pregnancy is worried about the impact. The above situation should be noted. First of all, you should make sure that it is really true. Guidance: At present, you can choose to have a blood HCG test for a clear diagnosis after prolonged menstruation.Whether you are really pregnant, the above medicine is not a supplement during pregnancy, even if this child is perfectly fine, regular pregnancy tests will do.

Third, after a woman is pregnant, she can’t take medicine casually, so as not to cause bad effects on the fetus.

Colds are often caused by respiratory viruses and bacterial infections.

Guidance: Well, according to the analysis of the situation, there is generally no impact on the fetus, if you want, it is recommended to do prenatal inspections regularly.

Fourth, Daqing leaf belongs to the class of cold medicines, which generally has no effect on the development of diabetes: and the oral administration time is short, so don’t worry, there is no problem, you can continue the pregnancy, pay attention to rest, regular birth checkup, and pregnancyPay attention to keep warm, avoid cold and cold, and wish health!

Fifth, it is not appropriate to take Daqingye for a long time. The main role is to clear heat and detoxify.

Can pregnant women eat big green leaves?

No, not only, but it is not suitable for long-term use if it is ordinary people, otherwise it will damage the spleen and stomach function.

It can even cause diarrhea.

If the spleen and stomach are already weak, then it is even more unsuitable to take Daqingye, which everyone should pay particular attention to.

If you have a cold, drink plenty of water.

[How to slice chicken breast]_Slicing_How to make

銆 愰 floating choir 峝 訝 宝 卒 囩 囖 銆 慱 鍒 囩 墖 _ 許 庝 箞 锅?
铏界劧楦¤兏鑲夊苟涓嶅彈涓€浜涗汉鐨勫枩鐖憋紝浣嗘槸楦¤兏鑲夌殑浠锋牸姣旇緝浣庯紝钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛屽啀鍔犱笂鑴傝偑鍚噺浣庯紝鎵€浠ユ垚涓哄噺鑲ヤ汉澹紝鍋ヨ韩浜哄+澧炲姞鑲岃倝鐨勭悊鎯抽鐗╋紝鍙互璇存槸鐪熸鐨勭墿缇庝环寤夈€備絾鏄浮鑳歌倝鎬庝箞鍒囩墖濂藉憿锛熷湪鍒囦箣鍓嶅彲浠ュ厛鏀惧叆鍐扮鍐讳竴涓嬶紝绋嶇‖涓€浜涘啀鍒囩殑璇濆氨姣旇緝瀹规槗鍒囨垚鐗囦簡銆傞浮鑳歌倝鎬庝箞鍒囷細1銆佸皢楦¤倝鍐峰喕缁撳疄锛屼絾涓嶈鍐诲埌鍧氱‖銆傜敤涓€鏉″共鍑€鐨勬璐ㄥ帹鐢ㄦ瘺宸惧灚鍦ㄦ墜閲屾姄浣忛浮鐨紝灏嗗叾鎾曚笅骞舵墧鎺夈€傚皢楦″幓鐨箣鍚庯紝娓呮礂姣涘肪浠ュ鍚庣敤(浣跨敤鍘ㄧ敤姣涘肪鎴栫焊宸撅 璴 鍙  each other side by side and whispering and twisting the inch)) 銆?銆 佸 珢 Cui Cui 敞 镞 畵 楊 楦 兏 鏀 Fear of the surviving 嘗 姗 咗 婏 序 庴 序 嘴 嘊 嘄 勪 勪 竴 闱 ㈡ 浈 鬈 鬈?鍦ㄩ绔V褰㈠尯鍩熺殑钖勮啘鍜岃蒋楠ㄩ棿鍒囧紑涓€閬撳皬鍙o紝浣跨敤涓€鎶婂皷鍒€鎴栧帹鐢ㄥ壀鍒€鍒囨柇杞銆傜敤鎷囨寚鎸変綇鑳搁鐨勪换鎰忎竴绔紝浠ヤ骇鐢熸潬鏉嗘晥鏋溿€?Mohuobijia Rongminhuanfan floating Jiangerenyuan (ii) reference Haorufuku  Chengyangyiji Xuancharenge Kuihejiange  Moyaokejia Rongbao Likuachangnan ang bundle wrapped in cloth For ф altar flange angSui Nao 掑 擑 鎳 : Do you have a rudder?鍓斿嚭楠ㄥご銆傜‘淇濆墧闄ゆ墍鏈夌殑鑳搁銆傛鏌ヤ竴涓嬪叾涓槸鍚︾暀鏈変换浣曞彲鑳芥姌鏂殑纰庨澶淬€傜敤鍒€灏栬交杞诲湴鍦ㄩ浮鑲変腑鍒囧壊锛屽垏鍙h鐭紝杩欐牱鍙互灏嗚蒋楠ㄥ垎寮€銆?The village is in the middle of the world, and it ‘s very difficult to get around, and it ‘s very difficult to make a good deal with each other, if you ca n’t do it, you ca n’t do it.Inspired by the floating inlays, and inspired by the newest developments, the new ones are the most popular ones, and the new ones are insulting and sloppy, and the spinning and weaving floats are intricate and intricate.In the village, in the village, in the village, in the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village, the village涓€鍙浮鍋氬嚭涓€閬撳ソ鑿滅涓婇妗岋紝鑰屼笉鏄皢瀹冩墧杩涘瀮鍦炬《銆傞浮鑳歌倝鐨勫垏娉曪細鍒囬浮鑲夊拰鍒囩尓鑲夈€佺墰鑲夌浉鍙嶏紝瑕侀『鐫€绾硅矾鍒囨墠濂藉悆锛屼笅闈㈣鐪嬮浮鑳歌倝鐨勫垏娉曪細1銆佸厛鎶婇浮鑳歌倝鏍规嵁鑷繁鎯宠鐨勫ぇ灏忓垏鍧楋紝涓€涓浮鑳镐竴鑸垏鎴?-5鍧椼€?銆佸彇鍏朵腑涓€鍧楋紝宸︽墜绋嶇敤鍔涘帇鐫€锛屽彸鎵嬫部鐫€鍜岀牕鏉垮钩琛岀殑鏂瑰悜涓嬪垁锛屽悜宸︽柟鍚戠墖锛屽敖閲忕墖钖勩€?銆侀『鐫€绾硅矾鍒囧嚭鐨勯浮鑲夌墖銆?In the world, the world is insulting. It ‘s a great place for you. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s a lot of fun. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it.垨鍔犻叡娌广€侀厭鎷屽寑鏀捐繘鍐扮鍐疯棌銆傞『鐫€绾硅矾鍒囧嚭鐨勯浮鑳歌倝锛岀叜鍚庝笉骞蹭笉鏌淬€?

Tianzhun Technology (688003): Leading machine vision company has long been optimistic about the company’s competitiveness

Tianzhun Technology (688003): Leading machine vision company has long been optimistic about the company’s competitiveness

Tianzhun Technology is a leading company in the domestic machine vision industry.

Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading with leading artificial intelligence technology, with the goal of becoming a “global industrial vision industry leader”, and transforming it into long-term adherence in the future.

Tianzhun Technology specializes in standardized precision measuring instruments and non-standard intelligent detection equipment, and has a slight layout in terms of system integration.

The company applies the core technology of machine vision to the industrial field, and continuously develops research and development, and builds and strengthens technical barriers in cutting-edge technology fields such as machine vision algorithms, industrial data platforms, advanced vision sensors, and precision drive control technologies.

As the lead unit, the company has undertaken the development of major national scientific instruments and equipment, and the detection accuracy has reached 0.

3 micron international advanced level.

The company achieved rapid development in 2016-2018, with operating income of 1.

81\3.09 (+76.

5% ) \5.08 (59.

23%) 10,000 yuan, the net profit attributable to the mother is 0.

31\0.52 (+63.

8%)\0.94 (+83.

16%) billion yuan. In terms of business breakdown, the company’s sales revenue in 2018 was 5.

8 million yuan, of which 22% are precision measuring instruments, 71% are intelligent detection equipment, 6% are intelligent manufacturing systems, and 0 are unmanned logistics vehicles.

31 %%, benefiting from the development of the consumer electronics testing industry (mainly Apple), the company’s smart testing equipment has grown rapidly, and its operating income for 2016-2018 was 0.

74, 1.

84, 3.

59 million, becoming the company’s main growth pole.

The core advantages of Tianzhun Technology: algorithm advantages, brand advantages.

1. The company masters the integrated software algorithms of standardized equipment and non-standard special machines, has formed a relatively complete technical system (without relying too much on individuals), and has certain first-mover advantages compared with other domestic manufacturers.

2. At the same time, the company drafts industry standards and undertakes major national scientific instrument and equipment projects, which can form a good brand effect, and standard instruments and non-standard equipment have good complementary effects-the steady growth of standardized equipment can give the companyExpansion provides stable cash flow; non-standard equipment provides a place for the company’s self-developed software and hardware to help improve the standard equipment technology and start the brand.

Judging from the company’s future development: the company is expected to become a giant in the domestic visual industry.

The company’s future development is divided into two parts: First, to do an initial extension of multiple industries, using its own machine vision technology, to break through other industries including photovoltaics, automobiles, lithium batteries and other industries.

Tianzhun Technology’s photovoltaic PV wafer detection intelligent detection equipment has been recognized by customers such as GCL Group and Longji Group, and has achieved an alternative to Germany’s international advanced counterparts such as Hennecke.

Second, it will initially extend upwards and gradually form the expected barriers to competition.

The core of the vision system is software capabilities. In terms of software, the company’s independently developed Vispec software platform has excellent functions and can replace software such as Cognex’s Vision Pro. It is recognized by customers such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Group.Equivalent technical level.

In the field of sensors, the company’s independent research and development of intelligent 3D vision sensors, using leading embedded computing technology, is specially designed for high-speed and high-precision 3D inspection applications, and is a domestic replacement.

Profitability forecast and estimation.

The company’s current industry has continued to grow in domestic penetration and huge future space. Through technological breakthroughs and increased labor costs, the industry is expected to move from optional to mandatory. The company’s algorithm-based core competitiveness and horizontal expansion of the industry chain are expected toAs a leading domestic machine vision company, we estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company will be 1 in 19-21.


83, 2.

3 billion, referring to Cognex’s 2012-2017 high-speed growth period estimates, giving 35-40 times the 杭州桑拿网 estimate for 2019, corresponding to 49.

7-5.6 billion market value.

Risk Warning: The 3C market is sluggish and competition is intensifying; the other areas are not developing smoothly; technology cannot be broken through.

Shuanghui Development (000895) 2019 Interim Report Review: Increased Cost Pressure Under Various Unfavorable Factors

Shuanghui Development (000895) 2019 Interim Report Review: Increased Cost Pressure Under Various Unfavorable Factors

Investment Highlights: The company released a semi-annual report: 20191H, and the company achieved revenue of 254.

34 trillion, an increase of 7 in ten years.

26%; realized operating profit of 3 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mother 23.

8.2 billion, of which, non-net profit attributable to mothers increased by 0 in ten years.


20191H, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin 19.

5% downgraded by 1 every year.

86 units; the company’s net margin is 9.

75%, 0 in ten years.

66 units.

The company’s second-quarter profitability decreased compared with the previous quarter, mainly due to the substantial increase in operating costs.

Both domestic pig prices and imported pig prices have risen significantly, and the company’s cost dividend has subsided.

In 2019H, the average domestic hog purchase price rose by 34.

64%, until June 30, the purchase price of pigs per kg reached 16.

83 yuan.

In 20191H, the unit price of imported pork will reach 2 per kg.

$ 16, up 22 during the period.


In 20191H, domestic pig slaughtering will gradually decrease6.

Until the end of June, the domestic pig stock continued to reach the lowest level since 2008, and the domestic pork supply and demand situation was difficult to reverse during the year.

As a result, in July, domestic hog purchase prices rose another 11 points month-on-month.

88%, the hog price increase trend may be extended to the end of the year.

This year’s hog procurement costs have risen sharply, which has increased the cost pressure of meat products companies, squeezed the profit margins of the enterprises, and even increased the prices of products several times during the year, but the continued decline in profit levels during the year is still predictable.

The company’s high profitability in the first quarter may be due to the use of previous raw material inventory and cost expenditure in the first quarter, and the use of raw materials purchased this year in the second quarter. It is expected that the cost pressure will continue at least until the end of the year.

The profit level of fresh frozen products, which accounted for 56% of the income structure, has increased, and its income growth has covered increased costs. The effect of changes in pig prices on the fresh frozen products sector has been neutral.

In 20191H, the company’s fresh frozen products revenue was 150.

3.9 billion, an increase of 7 previously.

79% of its operating costs are 134.

6.5 billion, an increase of 7 previously.

57%, revenue growth covered cost growth, driving the gross profit margin to increase by zero.

18 averages, reaching 10.


The price of fresh frozen products tends to be the same as the price of hogs. Therefore, under the situation of small scale changes, the company’s income growth rate of fresh frozen products and pig prices also tend to be the same. The impact of rising pig prices on the fresh 南宁桑拿 frozen products sector is relatively smallIn neutral.

The sales growth of the company’s high-temperature meat continued to pick up, which is estimated to be related to market heat.

The company’s high-temperature meat products accounted for 28% of its revenue structure. After a long-term negative increase in revenue, high-temperature meat has been growing for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018, and has increased by 6% in the first half of this year, continuing the growth trend.

The marketing of high-temperature meat is related to many factors, such as product differentiation, changes in consumption structure, and economic indicators.

In the first half of the year, the gross profit margin of high-temperature meat exceeded every 3 times, and the impact of rising pig prices on the profitability of high-temperature meat was skewed.

The company’s low-temperature meat products have both increased revenue and profit levels.In 20191H, the company’s low-temperature meat income was 42.

3.8 billion, an increase of 1 in ten years.

12%, cost increased by 7 in the same period.

53%, the increase in costs far outweighs the revenue, leading to a decline in gross profit margin4.

57 single to 23.


The impact of rising pork prices on the profitability of low-temperature meat products is biased.

The company’s expenses are well controlled, and the core reason for the decrease in net interest rate is the increase in costs rather than expenses.

In 20191H, the company’s period expense ratio increased to zero.

05 number, the sales and management expense rate continued to decline, during which the cost control was in place.

From this point of view, the core reason for the decline in profit in the first half of the year was the decline in the industry’s gross profit margin caused by increased costs.

After our calculations, 20191H, the company’s operating cost ratio only increased by 1 over the same period last year.

8%, while pork prices in the same period last year were at historically low levels. We believe that it is rare for the company to be able to control the cost rate in the context of pork prices rising more than 30%.

The company has reserves for raw materials and seems to be bullish on pig prices in the second half of the year.

We saw that until June 30, the company’s biological asset inventory and work-in-process inventory decreased significantly, while raw material and commodity inventory increased.

The reason behind this may be that the company has expanded its inventory of raw materials to prevent current costs in order to prevent continued growth in pig prices and insufficient supply of raw materials in the market.

Important points in the second half of the year: 1. The company is an import-oriented company. The devaluation of the local currency will increase the company’s overseas procurement costs and reduce profits. Therefore, changes in the RMB exchange rate need attention.

In our opinion, there is no basis for the continued devaluation of the RMB.

2. Under the Sino-US trade friction, the company’s import of US pork will be suppressed, and more pork raw materials are imported from the European market. The impact of the Sino-US trade friction is long-term and uncertain.

3. The company’s sales growth in the first half of the year is relatively optimistic, and cost is the current focus.

Whether domestic pig prices will fall at the end of the year remains to be seen.

As domestic pig prices fall, import prices will also fall, and the peak period of cost pressure on companies will pass.

4. The company’s bargaining power over the upstream will weaken for a long time.

Since the company’s development for decades, it has been at an advantageous level compared to upstream suppliers, because farmers are extremely scattered and less productive, and farmers have no bargaining power.

However, through the rapid concentration and scale of the aquaculture industry in recent years, the company’s bargaining power will be weakened for a long time in the face of large-scale aquaculture companies, especially in this special period of tight supply and demand.

5. The company’s loan interest rate has decreased from the previous year. According to the spirit of monetary policy, there may be room for corporate loan interest rates to decrease in the future, thereby reducing financial costs.

Investment strategies Trade frictions inhibit the import of raw materials, and the weakening of upstream bargaining power will have a structural long-term impact on the company, which will be biased.

In addition, the downward trend in capital costs and taxes will be a long-term positive impact, which has gradually been included in the company’s interim financial report.

At first glance, we maintain that pig prices will fall as scheduled and there will be no pre-judgment of rising trends. This year’s cost changes are phased, and the company’s control of costs and expenses is still excellent.

We adjusted our previous profit forecast and forecasted that the company’s earnings in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be 1.

49, 1.

57 and 1.

65 yuan, corresponding to P / E ratios of 15, 14, and 13 times.

The company has preferentially entered a downward trend since May and has overcome the current decline of 21.

42%, meat products sector fell 19 during the same period.

87%. The decline in individual stocks and sectors reflects the importance of the market’s excess supply of raw materials and the cost of the industry.

Prior to the change in the hog market pattern, there is a high probability that the sector market will be suppressed, and we downgrade the company’s rating to “overweight”.

However, I am still bullish on the company’s long-term proven performance.

Risk warning: insufficient supply of hogs; hog prices continue to soar; hog outbreaks spread and spread.

Top Group (601689) Company News: Lightweight chassis business has become a growth point; Tesla domestic provides short-term catalyst

Top Group (601689) Company News: Lightweight chassis business has become a growth point; Tesla domestic provides short-term catalyst

Recent situation of the company Recently, we investigated the company and communicated with the former.

The product series of lightweight chassis business has gradually been enriched, becoming a major growth point in the future.

At present, the company’s lightweight chassis products 南京桑拿网 include auxiliary frames, battery packs, forged aluminum control arms, steering knuckles, etc. The products are gradually enriched, and the total supporting value of bicycles has exceeded 6,000 yuan. In the future, Tesla, BYD, and Weilai will gradually increase.Value of supporting bicycles for new energy vehicle companies such as Weimar.

1H18’s young quantitative chassis business accounted for only 20% of the revenue, and 60% of it was traditional car steel sub-frame products. The revenue of aluminum-related products was still small, and the future development potential was broad.

The vibration and noise reduction business developed steadily, and capital expenditure was strictly controlled.

The products related to vibration reduction and noise reduction are expected to maintain steady growth. Through the gradual opening 南京龙凤网 up of Japanese and some independent supply chains, the company is expected to further expand its customers by taking advantage of design advantages and product power.

In terms of capital expenditure, the automobile market encountered a cold in 18 years. The company will expand the capital expenditure expansion plan to improve the scope. It is expected that capital expenditure in 19 years will be further reduced to maintain the proportion of depreciation stalls below 5%.

Tesla’s domestic dividends provide short-term catalysts.

At present, the company has provided chassis components for Tesla’s entire system, and the value of supporting bicycles in the model S / X / 3 has reached 700-800 yuan, and it is expected to contribute 300 million yuan in revenue in 19 years.

Looking ahead, after Tesla builds a factory in Shanghai, Toppus, as a leading supplier of lightweight chassis for cars, is close to Shanghai, and it is likely to further strengthen cooperation with Tesla.

According to our elasticity calculation, according to the model 3 Shanghai plant’s first phase production capacity of 150,000 units, if the company’s model 3 bikes for local production are 3,000 and 6,000 yuan, respectively, when full production (expected in 2021) will beContribute 4 respectively.

500 million and 900 million revenue increments, respectively 7.

5% and 15%, considering that Tesla’s industrial chain has higher profitability, it is expected that the profit increase will be higher.

Estimates suggest that the company currently expects the corresponding time to be 19/20.

2x / 14.

9x P / E.

We maintain our 19-year net profit forecast at 9.

5.2 billion, dating to 2020 net profit forecast of 10.

3.6 billion, considering that Tesla’s domestic production (gradual volume contribution from 2020-2021) or the profit elasticity brought by the company, raise the target price by 39% to 25 yuan, with room for growth18.

15%, corresponding to 19/20 19.

1x / 17.

6x P / E.

Risk-reduction chassis business development exceeded expectations.

Watch out!


Abnormal erection of the penis will affect reproduction, early diagnosis and early treatment

Watch out!
Abnormal erection of the penis will affect reproduction, early diagnosis and early treatment

Abnormal erection of the penis refers to the erection of the penis but inexplicably and continuously, and the erection of the penis for more than 6 hours is an abnormal erection.

Eventually the penis will be over-congested, edematous and painful.

Abnormal penile erection is common 5?
10 years old and 20?
50 years old.

The causes of abnormal penile erection caused by abnormal penile erection can be divided into primary and secondary types. The cause of abnormal erection of primary penis is still unclear. The causes of secondary penile abnormalities are as follows.: A, neurological: caused by spinal nerves or nerve damage distributed around the genital genitals, such as spinal cord trauma, neuromedin and so on.

B, mechanical: late pelvic tumor, infiltration and compression, external forces (such as metal rings) continue to oppress the root of the penis, local penile trauma.

C, blood diseases: leukemia, true cytomegalolysis, sickle cell anemia, thrombophlebitis, phosphoric acid glucose, multiple enzyme deficiency.

D, drug: thiazide, acetyl ketone, benzoquinone, the so-called “aphrodisiac” and so on.

Abnormal penile erection affects infertility. Abnormal erection of the penis can cause persistent expansion of the corpus cavernosum artery, persistent contraction of the vein, increased blood stasis and viscosity, and even thrombosis. Slimness affects intravascular oxygen exchange, and venous blood is severely blocked.Increased vascular tone, edema of the cavernous septum, apoptosis and damage of colon cells.

Bladder cell damage may be the cause of impotence in the future. Some people think that even if it is treated in time, impotence will occur, and fibrosis may occur, and normal sexual life cannot be performed.

Therefore, abnormal erection of the penis can also lead to male infertility.

Doctors remind: abnormal penile erection should be diagnosed early and treatment of abnormal penile erection is an emergency, must be treated as soon as possible to restore cavernosal venous return.

However, patients with abnormal penile erections are often embarrassed to go to the hospital immediately, hoping to resolve on their own, often delaying for a few days or even weeks to seek medical treatment, so that even after treatment, their penis lost erectile capacity.

Therefore, it is imperative for patients to treat them early, so as to ensure the efficacy.

1, stop sex, avoid all sexual stimulation; local cold compress (ice bag), use sedative drugs to stabilize.

2, eliminate nerve and muscle stimulation, commonly used lumbar spinal cord, epidural anesthesia, pudendal nerve block and so on.

3, under general anesthesia controlled hypotension, in the root of the penis, the sponge is implanted with a large needle puncture, and the penis is removed.

Rinse repeatedly with heparin saline until fresh blood is replenished, the penis is softened and then pressure bandaged, supplemented with topical or systemic anticoagulant therapy.

Improper sitting makes the calf getting thicker


Improper sitting makes the calf getting thicker

Losing weight is sometimes not as difficult as people think.

Some people, as long as they correct their sitting posture and abdomen, they can insert two pounds of aunts gathered in the abdomen.

銆€銆€This easy-to-eliminate obesity refers to the fineness of the limbs and the standard of body weight. The only person whose waist circumference is larger than the hip circumference is specifically concentrated on the belly.

銆€銆€It has been found that such fat people are more common in the “sitting” family who sit and work all the year – typists, computer operators, secretarial staff, writers who climb the grid.

They have been at the desk for a long time, and they are concentrating on the waist. Over time, a thick waist and a bulging belly are shaped like apples.

銆€銆€According to experts’ observations, whether standing or sitting, as long as you are not in a proper position and exert uneven force, the muscles will be “bitter” unevenly, which will lead to a slight accumulation of parts of the body.

For example, if the center of gravity is placed on only one leg, it will become a habit after a long time, and the leg will become thicker.

銆€銆€These seemingly not too many aunts, because “fertilizer” is too place, it can not be indifferent.

According to the study, with slight abnormalities in other parts, abnormal cells in the abdomen are active, and “the water is near the water first month”, using its own distance from the heart, the liver’s near advantage, often easily into the blood circulation, deposited in the arterial wall, causingAtherosclerosis.

銆€銆€Therefore, as long as the waist circumference is equal to or larger than the hip circumference, even if the surface does not look so fat, or the weight has not yet exceeded the standard, all the aunts gathered here should be expelled as soon as possible, and energy consumption and consumption can be reduced.future trouble.

銆€銆€Fortunately, this “occupational obesity” is not yet stubborn.

Experts believe that as long as you adjust your sitting posture, always remind yourself to chest, shrink, straight waist, sit like a hanging bell, even if you can not always maintain, think of it, you may be obese from the stomach 2 pounds or more cumbersomeaunt.

銆€銆€If you do 1 hour a day, 4-5 times a week, moderately fast walking, jogging, jumping aerobics and other physical exercise such as cardiopulmonary activity and muscle contraction, can prevent slight deposition, strengthen slight consumption, and quickly return youA healthy, standard body shape.

5 questions affecting the quality of life of the elderly


5 questions affecting the quality of life of the elderly

Do you know?

As the saying goes, “Seventy does not stay, eighty do not stay in the meal, ninety does not stay in the seat”, it can be seen that the old age is the eventful autumn in life.

Through years of clinical experience, geriatrics experts have summarized five important issues affecting the quality of life of the elderly. I hope that readers and friends can fully understand and actively guard against it.

銆€銆€After falling into bed and entering the elderly, the elderly are prone to fall due to physical dysfunction or illness, and often cause seriousness.

Fall is the fourth cause of death from high blood pressure injuries, and is the highest among older people over the age of 65.

Studies have shown that the incidence of falls increases with age. In the elderly over 65 years old, the incidence of falls is about 30%, and those over 80 years old reach 50%.

銆€銆€Once the old man falls down, it will easily lead to a decline in mobility and physical disability, which will cause many “secondary” injuries and endanger life.

For example, prolonged bed rest can cause lung infections, urinary system diseases and pressure sores.

Some elderly people, even if they can return to normal, will cause serious depression and anxiety because they are afraid of falling, resulting in a reduced range of activities and a decline in quality of life.

銆€銆€There are many potential risk factors for the occurrence of falls, and effective measures against risk factors can be prevented.

The “China Injury Prevention Report” shows that the living room is the starting place for the elderly to fall.

Therefore, the design of the room should have anti-slip and anti-fall measures; the bathroom should be covered with anti-slip rubber pad, it is best not to use the carpet.

銆€銆€To exercise regularly, you can choose Tai Chi, ballroom dancing to enhance muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, gait stability and flexibility, thus reducing the occurrence of falls.

When you get out of bed, stand up, and squat, you should follow a “slow” word.

Especially when getting up in the morning, don’t rush to get out of bed immediately. You should lie flat for half a minute, then sit up for half a minute, then lean down on your bed for half a minute, then stand up.

銆€銆€Second, fear of cognitive impairment Old-age cognitive impairment (commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease) recovers 5% of the disease, and for every 5 years of age, the prevalence rate will double, and one-fifth of those over 80 years old have dementia.

銆€銆€Some people say that “elderly dementia is a disease that cannot be obtained”. In addition to being unable to take care of themselves, there may be a variety of mental behavior symptoms and even the risk of accidental injury.

Various complications, fracture pneumonia, malnutrition, urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids often occur in the late stage.

These all bring a heavy economic and spiritual burden to individuals and families.

銆€銆€The early signs of the old idiot are easy to forget, everyone will forget things, but the old fools forget the whole thing that happened. Once they are reminded repeatedly, they can’t remember, and the forgetful is just a part of forgetting things.People remind you of it.

There are also personality changes, such as fear of fear, suspiciousness, becoming lazy, unwilling to participate in activities, and not enthusiastic about people.

銆€銆€At present, the medical profession has not found an effective way to prevent or cure old idiots.

But in general, the old idiot itself has no direct impact on the vital organs of the human body, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, etc., the elderly can still survive after the diagnosis?
10 years.

銆€銆€After suffering from idiots, the elderly should treat their illness with a positive attitude and build confidence in the fight against disease.

Diet, high protein, high vitamin, high fiber, low cholesterol, low dung, low sugar and low salt diet.

Listen to music, read newspapers, talk to friends, play mahjong, play chess, etc., can activate brain cells, prevent brain deterioration, improve and delay the progress of dementia.

銆€銆€Exercise may promote the production of nerve growth hormone and prevent brain degradation.

Appropriate physical exercise, such as insisting on walking, playing Tai Chi, doing exercises or practicing Qigong, is conducive to the release of the brain’s inhibition function and improve the activity level of the central nervous system.

銆€銆€Three people who are afraid of insomnia and wake up one-third of their lives are spent in sleep. Through sleep, the fatigued nerve cells can return to normal physiological functions, and their mental and physical strengths are restored. Therefore, there is a “no sleepy fairy sleep.””Fang” argument.

However, in the elderly population, the prevalence of insomnia is as high as 50%.

This is because the secretion of pineal voxels in the elderly is reduced, the ability to regulate sleep is weakened, the time to fall asleep is extended, and the time of deep sleep is reduced, resulting in a high incidence of insomnia.

In addition, the average age, the incidence of underlying diseases increases, and certain diseases can also affect sleep.

銆€銆€Common forms of insomnia include: difficulty falling asleep, falling asleep for more than 30 minutes; falling sleep quality, shallow sleep, more dreams, more than two nights of awakening, or early morning wake up; total sleep time is shortened by 6 hours, the next day feels dizzy,Feeling weak, lethargy, fatigue, etc.

If you have insomnia for more than 6 months and are chronic or chronic insomnia, you should consult a relevant expert.

In the case of occasional brief insomnia, the following measures are recommended to improve.

銆€銆€Perform deep abdominal breathing, slow down and deepen, gradually relax the whole body muscles, imagine yourself on the windy beach, the sky is blue, the breeze is blowing.

You can also come to a soft, monotonous music before going to sleep.
Good music is refreshing and comfortable, so you can sleep peacefully.

Do some exercise armor to increase your body fatigue, and take a leisurely walk 10?
20 minutes to circulate blood to the body surface and promote sleep.

Folk song: “hot feet before going to bed, win the sleeping pills”, develop warm water before going to bed every day (40 掳 C?
50 掳 C) wash the feet, massage the feet and toes, can promote blood and blood, relax the muscles, and help to fall asleep.
銆€銆€Four people who are afraid of malnutrition are old, and because of loose teeth, difficulty in chewing, atrophy of internal organs, reduction of gastric juice secretion, deterioration of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, etc., it is particularly prone to malnutrition.

A survey of people over the age of 65 found that more than 50% of the elderly were malnourished.

Through reasonable dietary adjustment, it can meet the needs of the elderly for a variety of nutrients, but also delay aging, prevent chronic diseases, and achieve the goal of health and longevity.

銆€銆€How do the elderly eat healthy?

The “Guide to the Elderly in China” suggests that the elderly should use their simple “Ten Fist” principle to guide their diet according to the size of their fists: the elderly can eat no more than one fist-sized meat and eggs every day.Eat the equivalent of two fist-sized cereals, guarantee two fist-sized beans, dairy products, and eat too many five-five-sized vegetables and fruits.

銆€銆€In the process of human aging, protein metabolism is enhanced, synthesis is slow, and the utilization rate is low. Therefore, protein should be added, but too much will increase the burden on neonatal digestive organs and kidneys.

The daily intake of protein in the elderly is controlled at about 70 grams. Common food sources include walnuts and soybeans.

銆€銆€Older people are also prone to vitamins and minerals, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Is it recommended that the elderly take 400 vegetables a day?
500 grams, fruit 200?
400 grams, guaranteed 1 per meal?
2 kinds of vegetables, eat 2 per day?
3 kinds of fruits, and pay attention to the type, color matching.

銆€銆€Five fear of loneliness, loneliness, and loneliness are an emotional experience in which the elderly are alienated and abandoned.

There are many reasons for the elderly to be lonely. For example, the elderly are deviated from social life after retirement. Without children or factors, women become empty-nest families when they become independent. They are increasingly sick or inconvenient, gradually alienated from relatives and friends, unsociable, widowed or lost only children.

A survey in Shanghai shows that 60?
Among the 70-year-olds, about one-third of them have loneliness, and those who are over 80 years old are up to 3/5.

銆€銆€The loneliness of old age is extremely harmful.

American medical scientist James believes that the chances of a lonely seclusion person getting sick are normal.

Six times, the mortality rate and cancer incidence of lonely elderly people are twice as high as those of normal people.

Older lonely people are more likely to choose bad lifestyles, such as smoking, suffering from alcohol and not loving activities, which can lead to a variety of chronic diseases.

Older lonely people are also prone to sadness or depression, and their spirits are wilting. Over time, they will turn into severe depression and even have suicidal thoughts.

銆€銆€In addition to the intervention of social forces, the solution to the problem of solitude in the elderly lies in the elderly themselves.

It is necessary to actively participate in social activities to enrich life; to establish a good neighbor relationship, “a distant relative is not as close as a neighbor”, and only have a friendly feeling towards the people around them, and mutual understanding, mutual love, mutual help, will not be lonely.feel.

銆€銆€Through the above sharing, I hope to help older friends.