2017 CBA All-Star Game South-North District List Starting Lineup Player List_1

2017 CBA All-Star Game South and North District Rankings Starting Player List
On January 3, 2017, Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced the 2017 CBA All-Star Game list. Among them, the starting player Yi Jianlian will be replaced by Shanghai foreign aid Yabu Sele due to injury. However, Yabu Sele is notStarting, the specific replacement of Yi Jianlian’s starting player will be decided by the head coach.The following is the specific announcement for the Basketball Association: Notice about the arrangements for the personnel involved in the 2017 CBA All-Star Weekend Event. All relevant clubs, all relevant personnel: The 2017 All-Star Weekend Event will be on January 7-8 in Beijing LeTV SportsIn order to ensure the smooth progress of the All-Star Weekend and Weekend activities in the Eco-Center competition, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1. Arrangement for the relevant personnel to participate in the All-Star Weekend activities: (1) All-Star Game South and North District Star Team: Leader: Chai Wensheng (basketball center); Coach: the first team coach of the North District after the 25th round of the regular season; assistant coach: the second team coach of the North District after the 25th round of the regular season; Translation: Wang Lan (Beijing); Team Doctor: Zhao Changkun (Beijing).  Starting players: Han Dejun (Liaoning), Zhai Xiaochuan (Beijing), Ding Yanyuhang (Shandong), Guo Ailun (Liaoning), Marbury (Beijing);    Substitute players: Brache (Xinjiang), Hudson (Liaoning), Zhou Qi(Xinjiang), Liu Wei (Sichuan), Sun Yue (Beijing), Cui Jinming (Jilin), Zhang Chengyu (Qingdao).  Southern Star Team: Leader: Duan Lian (basketball management center); Coach: the first team coach in the Southern District after the 25th round of the regular season; assistant coach: second in the Southern District after the 25th roundA team coach; Translation: Li Shengyang (Beijing); Team Doctor: Yin Hua (Beijing).  Starting players: Yi Jianlian (Guangdong), Gu Quan (Shenzhen), Lin Zhijie (Guangsha), Liu Xiaoyu (Shanghai), Fredette (Shanghai);    Substitute players: Zhou Peng (Guangdong), Brooks (Jiangsu), Hu Jinqiu (Guangdong)Xiamen), Wang Zhelin (Fujian), Zou Yuchen (August 1), Yi Li (Jiangsu), Wu Qian (Zhejiang).  Yi Jianlian was unable to participate due to injury and was replaced by Yabu Sele (Shanghai).Further reading: 2017 CBA All-Star Weekend Schedule Schedule 2017 CBA All-Star Weekend Schedule Schedule Live Video AddressPrevious12Next

[Is chestnut a nut]_Benefits_Advantages

[Is chestnut a nut]_Benefits_Advantages

Most nut foods are oily. For example, walnuts, pine nuts, and macadamia, which are often eaten by people, are rich in oils and fats. Therefore, the appearance of these nuts can also be obvious.

Eating more nuts is always very good for the human body. Every normal person can properly eat some nuts every day to supplement the body’s necessary nutrients.

But will chestnut be a nut?

Chestnut is a nut, but it is not as nutty as nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. It has high starch.

Dried chestnut has a carbonic acid content of 77%, which is equivalent to 75% of cereals. Fresh chestnuts also have as much as 40%, which is 2% of that of potatoes.

4 times.

Fresh chestnut has a protein content of 4% to 5%. Although it is not as good as peanuts and walnuts, it is slightly higher than cooked rice.

40% of the starch in chestnut is made up of starch. In fact, the starch content of chestnut is twice that of potato.

Fresh chestnuts are rich in vitamin C and potassium, but also contain folic acid, copper, vitamin B6, magnesium and vitamin B1. For every 100 grams of fresh chestnut, water accounts for 52%, and contains 3 grams of protein and 44 carbohydrates.

2 grams.

Potassium in cooked chestnuts also contains vitamin C, copper, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, iron and phosphorus; for every 100 grams of cooked chestnut, water accounts for 68%.

2%, 2 grams of protein and 28 grams of glucose.

But in some ways chestnut is more nutritious than grain.

Chestnuts are rich in vitamin B1 and B2. The content of vitamin B2 is at least four times that of rice. It also contains 24 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, which is unmatched by grain.

It is hard to imagine that fresh chestnuts contain more vitamin C than tomatoes that are considered to be rich in vitamin C, and more than ten times as much as apples!

Chestnuts also contain comprehensive minerals, including potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese. Although not as high as hazelnuts and seeds, they are still higher than ordinary fruits such as apples and pears, especially potassium.Outstanding, 4 times higher than apples claiming potassium.

Although the nutritional and health care value of chestnuts is very high, but they need to be eaten properly. Chestnuts cannot be eaten in large quantities at one time. It is easy to bulge if you eat more. You only need to eat 6 to 7 capsules a day.

[Can you drink sheep soup for weight loss]_ Slimming _ Can you drink it?

[Can you drink sheep soup for weight loss]_ Slimming _ Can you drink it?

Some people are dieting to lose weight, but would like to drink some sheep soup, especially in the cold winter season.

But because I was worried that the sheep soup would grow meat, I never dared to drink it.

The traditional concept of mutton in people is the meat in the body. However, eating a moderate amount of lean mutton during weight loss generally does not grow meat. Therefore, eating mutton or drinking mutton soup will not make you fat.

But mutton is hot, and people with a hot constitution should eat less, otherwise they will be constipated easily.

First, can you drink lamb soup to lose weight? Lamb and lamb soup can lose weight, but do not eat too much.

Because mutton is hot and contains an integrated heat, it should not be eaten even in winter, especially people with hot constitutions, so as to avoid constipation and getting angry.

It is generally recommended not to eat more than two or two a day, and two to three times a week.

Also, when drinking mutton soup, it is recommended to skim off some oil slicks. It is easy to get fat if you drink too much oil.

The trace amount of mutton is very large and it is also large, so it is not suitable to eat during weight loss, but once in a while, it can be consumed through exercise. In addition to eating less, you must increase exercise.

Second, the weight-loss effect of mutton 1. Slight melting point is high and it is not easy to be absorbed. The melting point of mutton is higher than other meat adults. The so-called slight melting point refers to the temperature required for it to change from solid to liquid. PorkIt’s 30 degrees, beef is 40 degrees, and mutton is 44 degrees.

Therefore, aunt lamb is less easily absorbed by the body than other meat aunts, and it is not easy to become a source of obesity.

2. L-carnitine is high, which helps adults metabolize mutton. Compared with other meats, it contains more L-carnitine, and L-carnitine 2 in mutton.

1g / kg, beef 0.

64g / kg, pork 0.

3g / kg.

After scientific research and analysis, it was found that carnitine has a strong promotion effect on unfortunate metabolism.

The increase in carnitine content is more beneficial to the metabolism of adults. If combined with proper exercise, the magical effect of “reducing meat by meat” can be achieved.

Third, the effect of sheep miscellaneous soup The so-called sheep miscellaneous is because there are all kinds of miscellaneous in it, sheep head, hoof, sheep heart, sheep liver, sheep lung, sheep intestine and sheep blood, so it is called sheep miscellaneous.

Do n’t think that these are foods that cannot be served on the table, they have their own effects: such as smallpox (sheep brain) has a brain-building and eye-catching function, especially suitable for the elderly and the debilitated; the tongue (tongue) has a strong bodyThe ability to replenish blood is best for those who are sick.

Drinking sheep miscellaneous soup in the winter to nourish the internal organs of the internal organs is also good for warming the stomach and expelling cold.

Sheep liver is rich in iron. Iron is an essential element for the production of red blood cells. Once lacking, you will feel tired and pale. Eating in moderation will make the skin ruddy. Sheep liver contains vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is many enzymes and coenzymes in human biochemical metabolism.It can promote the metabolism of the body. Sheep liver is also rich in vitamin A, which can prevent night blindness and vision loss, and is helpful for the treatment of various eye diseases.

Resumption on February 12: Low suction entry is the main theme of the main funds attack 10 shares

Resumption on February 12: Low suction entry is the main theme of the main funds attack 10 shares

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Sina Finance News on February 12th, the three major stock indexes opened lower in the morning, and then pulled up and turned all the red, and the index rose nearly 1.


On the surface of the disk, the photovoltaic concept showed a strong performance. Iron and steel, coal, and other strong cyclical stocks yesterday were collectively distributed. The concept was relatively warm, and yesterday’s strong cyclical stocks were all replaced.

It is about to close in the morning. The three major indexes have strengthened after falling back, and the index has risen 2%.

On the disk, the lithium battery sector was active, and the photovoltaic concept opened up.

In general, the individual stocks in the sector fell more or less, the market’s effect of making money was general, and the mood of funds was positive.

In the afternoon, the index continued to be strong, and the 8th consecutive Shanghai stock index approached the upper gap.

Hengqiang, the strongest in photovoltaic concepts, cloud concepts, e-sports, etc., continued to rise in the insert sector.

The in-depth concept is obviously picking up, and market sentiment is high.

At the end of the day, the index continued its strength, with the index rising nearly 3%.

On the disk, the concept of non-ferrous cobalt has strengthened significantly, and the technological complexity has obviously picked up.

In general, there are more than 100 stocks that have risen and stopped, and the fry rate has begun to fall. The market has a better effect of making money, and it is expected that funds will be long.

  The final release, the Shanghai Index reported 2926.

90 points, up 0.

87%, with a turnover of 297.5 billion (the turnover of the previous trading day was 302.9 billion); the Shenzhen Component Index reported 10940.

79 points, up 1.

60%, the turnover was 492.5 billion (the turnover on the previous trading day was 5442 trillion); the Pioneering Index was reported at 2085.

28 points, up 2.

80%, with a turnover of 483 billion (the turnover of the previous trading day was 166.3 billion).

Net inflow of northbound funds14.

85 billion, net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect 13.

71 billion.

  I. 70.6 billion funds compete for 20 shares: The main funds focus on 10 shares (list). Statistics show that the stock turnover of TOP20 exceeds 70.6 billion. According to the Sina Finance leve2 fund flow chart, 10 of the 20 stocksThe main capital inflows are shown. Among them, the major inflows of Dabei farmers are more than 500 million yuan, and the net inflows of HKUST News are more than 400 million yuan.The net inflow of the main inflow of Zhongke Shuguang exceeded 100 million yuan. The main inflow of Ningde Times, CITIC Securities, Huatian Technology, and Nanjing Securities was less than 100 million yuan.

  Second, the daily limit resumed: The three major indexes performed strongly to be active in concept. Today the Shanghai and Shenzhen daily limit of 127 (covering new stocks and ST-classes), a daily limit of 1,225 stocks rose, 142 flats, and 503 stocks fell.

  Today’s daily limit: Today’s daily limit stock analysis name rises current price daily limit analysis open number N Naip 43.

99% 30.

44 new shares 0 Borui Medicine 20.

01% 52.

12 medicine 0 excellent carved 20.

00% 113.

74 Science and Technology Board 1 Anheng Information 20.

00% 268.

2 science and technology board 0 Juchen shares 20.

00% 97.

64 science and technology board 4 extension Rixin 10.

16% 3.
36 photovoltaic 0 Rongjie health 10.
15% 2.

93 oversold rebounded 1 solar 10.

15% 3.

69 photovoltaic 4 Jia Wei Xinneng 10.

11% 4.

03 Photovoltaics 0 Jinjing (Jin Qilin analyst) Technology 10.

11% 3.

05 Glass 3 Yaben Chemistry 10.

11% 5.

23 new viral genes 1 Jinglun electron 10.

10% 3.

38 Online Education 2 Cangzhou Pearl 10.

09% 3.

82 lithium battery 1 Aikang technology 10.

07% 1.

53 photovoltaic 300 million crystal photoelectric 10.

07% 3.

06 Photovoltaic 4 Murray Cloud 10.

07% 7.

76 cloud computing 0 core energy technology 10.

06% 6.

78 photovoltaic 0 Lekai film 10.

06% 9.

08 State-owned enterprise reform 2 Anjubao 10.

06% 7.

33 Smart Parking 0 UBM Technology 10.

06% 9.

3 cement 1 Haida shares 10.

05% 6.

02 Tesla 0 Beijing Culture 10.

05% 10.

73 Television Media 1 Luoyang Molybdenum Industry 10.

05% 4.

71 nonferrous metals 0 Huiyuan Communication 10.

04% 10.

35G0 Huali Chuangtong 10.

04% 13.

37 Beidou navigation 4 Eurobit 10.

04% 13.
92 Satellite Navigation 1 Southern Media 10.
04% 14.

03 Culture Media 0 Gimhae Environment 10.

04% 14.

25 environmental protection 2 Beijing Career 10.

04% 5.

92 photovoltaic 0 matt technology 10.

04% 15.

13 chips 0 Oriental rose 10.

03% 16.

34 PV 5 Huicheng Technology 10.

03% 7.

793D prints 0 Rongjie shares 10.

03% 20.

74 lithium battery 0 Weining health 10.

03% 20.

96 Internet Medical 5 Rockchip 10.

02% 18.

55 new shares 0 Wanda information 10.

02% 19.

43 medical information technology 0 Nanxing shares 10.

02% 25.

25 Cloud Computing 1 NSFOCUS Technology 10.

02% 25.

58 domestic software 1 Tianyu information 10.

02% 15.

7 Online Education 2 Powerway Alloy 10.

02% 11.

31 Photovoltaic 1 Landi Group 10.

02% 20.

21 new virus moles 0 Keshi 10.

02% 13.

51 charging piles 5 Follett 10.

01% 15.

05 Photovoltaic 1 Zhenhua Technology 10.

01% 23.

18IGBT0 Shenghong Technology 10.

01% 23.

51PCB6 Star semiconductor 10.

01% 32.
52 new shares 0 Gold Galaxy 10.
01% 24.

61 lithium batteries 1 twin tower food 10.

01% 8.

68 artificial meat 2 Xiang oil pump 10.

01% 19.

56 Huawei Industry Chain 3 Tianhua Super Clean10.

01% 10.

44 new energy vehicles 2 Jiuyuan Yinhai 10.

01% 45.

06 Internet Medical 2 Jiejia Weichuang 10.

01% 65.

84 photovoltaic 0 electroacoustic shares 10.

01% 30.

78 net red economy 0 Shanghai Xinyang 10.

01% 55.

85 chips 1 Taiwan shares 10.

01% 21.

22 chips 0 bull group 10.

00% 125.

35 new shares 0 Yang Jie Technology 10.

00% 28.

92 chips 0 Roboteco 10.

00% 34.

09 Photovoltaic 2 stepped into share 10.

00% 199.

51 photovoltaic 0 dier laser 10.

00% 148.

61 lasers 0 Huayou Cobalt Industry 10.

00% 54.

78 new energy vehicles 0 Jinlang Technology 10.

00% 61.

6 Photovoltaic 1 Jinhong Group 10.

00% 8.

25 masks 0 Jinchen shares 10.

00% 26.

51 PV 0 Cambridge Technology 10.

00% 35.

755G4 China Satcom 10.

00% 18.
37 satellite navigation 3 days silver mechanical and electrical 10.
00% 15.

73 results pre-increased 0 Davy Medical 10.

00% 10.

34 medical devices 0 Fangzhi Technology 10.

00% 24.

09 Online Education 4 Shanxi Coal International 10.

00% 10.

34 photovoltaic 6 Tongwei shares 10.

00% 16.

39 photovoltaic 0 Qinghai Huading 10.

00% 3.

63 Intelligent Manufacturing 0 Honghe Technology 10.

00% 83.

6 Online Education 0 Star Network Yuda 10.

00% 26.

18 Beidou Navigation 2 Beibei shares 10.

00% 2.

86 photovoltaic 2 Xingsen Technology 10.

00% 11.

88 Huawei Industry Chain 0 United Think Strong 10.

00% 11 satellite navigation 0 Central shares 10.

00% 17.

38 photovoltaic 0 wave information 10.

00% 47.

52 cloud computing 0 Fenghua Hi-Tech 10.

00% 19.

25MLCC5 is full of electronics 10.

00% 32.

68 chip concept 3 days Tianhong 10.

00% 23 Online Education 0 Shanghai Shanghai Engineering 10.

00% 22.

89 robots 0 cold sharp cobalt industry 10.

00% 90.

9 new energy vehicles 0 Bojie shares 9.

99% 80.

23 new shares 0 Amarton 9.

99% 39.

51 Tesla 0 Yanjiang shares 9.

99% 19.
48 masks 0 Ganfeng Lithium Industry 9.
99% 58.

44 lithium battery 2 Foster 9.

99% 53.

27 photovoltaic 3 Aike blue 9.

99% 35.

33 new shares 0 Yingke Medical 9.

99% 33.

46 medical equipment 3 UFIDA network 9.

99% 42.

6 Cloud Computing 5 Three Special Ropeway 9.

99% 11.

12 tourism 1 day Qi Li industry 9.

99% 30.

72 lithium batteries 2 Shenzhen Konka A9.

99% 8.

81 chip concept 0 entrepreneurship wellcome 9.

99% 25.

66 Internet Healthcare 1 Zhengye Technology 9.

99% 8.

26 masks 1 three five interconnected 9.

98% 14.

32 Cloud Office 2 Topview Information 9.

97% 12.

79 Online Education 1 and Er Thai 9.

97% 15.

555G4 digital government communication 9.

97% 15.

11 domestic software 1 Jiayu shares 9.

97% 3.

75 Xiong’an New District 0 Dr. Peng 9.

97% 6.

95 Online Education 0 Blue Cursor 9.

97% 6.

4 Net red economy 1 Quanxin shares 9.

96% 12.

03 satellite navigation 0 Yuanwanggu 9.

96% 11.

7 IoT 1 Xiuqiang shares 9.

96% 7.
73 Tesla 3 Big North Farmers 9.
95% 7.

07 transgenic 2 sunflower 9.

95% 2.

32 photovoltaic 1 search in special 9.

95% 2.

32 net red economy 0 deep seg 9.

94% 7.

19 PV 5 Huaan Securities 苏州桑拿网 9.

94% 7.

19 Securities 0 Australian Ocean Shun Chang 9.

91% 4.

99 new energy vehicles 0 Philips letter 9.

91% 4.

88 lithography machine 0 江苏 阳光 9.

91% 2.

44 textile and clothing 1 storm group 9.

90% 3.

22 oversold rebounds 0 * ST Opal 5.

19% 1.

42 oversold rebounds 4 * ST Peng rises 5.

16% 1.

63 oversold rebounded 1 * ST East Network 5.

15% 2.

45ST plate 0 * ST high 5.

15% 2.

45ST plate 1 * ST Zhongan 5.

08% 2.

07ST plate 0 * ST Suoling 5.

04% 4.

17ST plate 0 * ST bus 5.

03% 4.

8ST plate 0 * ST West Fat 5.

03% 4.

8ST plate 0 * ST hippocampus 5.

00% 2.

31ST plate 3ST Baxter 4.

91% 2.

78ST plate 1 * ST Xinwei 4.

81% 2.
18 oversold rebounds in 4 scenic spots: Some institutions have stated that the photovoltaic industry needs global resonance and even better growth. At present, the average valuation of mainstream industry targets is 15 times lower. It is hopeful that the performance of photovoltaic leaders is expected to meet expectations and maintain the industry “Recommended “rating.
  Third, the top ten blogs look at the market outlook: how long can the unlimited amount of time to maintain the Jiulianyang stock market situation: this operation can steadily double the income trend. Since it is obvious, after choosing the right main line, the medium and long-term covered stocks will make the most money.

The avenue is simple. Don’t toss and toss repeatedly during the main ascent phase. This is a point that has been repeatedly highlighted before.

Now if investors do not get rid of their previous over-investment problems, they really have to miss this big market.

Because it is still the early stage of the main rise, it is still too late to change.

  Luo Lizhong: The rising trend of low entry into the market is the main melody can be cut from the rotation between large industries. Starting from last Friday, although the index has not fallen, the market has undergone a round of reshuffles.Some emerged, such as anti-flu, mask protection, cloud office, cloud service, online education, remote office, online new retail, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry. Such industry stocks with obvious speculation in hot money will keep their stocks active.There are indicators of changes this afternoon, pay attention to whether follow-up is the second time to enter.

  Gonghai Lighthouse: The anti-pullback adjustment after half a year’s line is purely from the analysis of technical indicators. The MACD indicator on the Shanghai stock market weekly chart has a green bar growth and two indicator lines.Rising; Fastened chips stacked above the low opening gap on February 3 will inhibit the momentum of the stock index’s upside; today’s continued price divergence is not conducive to the continued upward movement of the stock index; MACD indicators on the 30-minute chart begin to show top divergencePhenomenon, a signal to adjust the fall was issued in advance.

Jianfa Co. (600153): Houpu-Lake Lake project is expected to contribute profits and high growth in real estate sales to build a moat

Jianfa Co. (600153): Houpu-Lake 佛山桑拿网 Lake project is expected to contribute profits and high growth in real estate sales to build a moat

The company’s recent situation “Houpu-Lake Lake Old Village Reconstruction Project” (first-level land development) is expected to contribute 2018 net profit of 10?
1.3 billion: In September and December 2018, Heshan Company (Jianfa Real Estate Subsidiary) listed two first-class development sites for sale, with a total transaction price of 5.7 billion and 3.8 billion. We believe that if two sites are soldThe income is included in the 2018 settlement statement and will contribute 10?
1.3 billion net profit.

The CCB train operated the first transit sea-rail-connected cargo business, and the supply chain business added value again: On December 30, 2018, the CCB train set Xiamen as a sea-transit transit point, and shipped 杭州夜网 Vietnamese crafts to Moscow through the China-Europe CCB trainAs of the middle of 2018, 71 CCB trains were shipped, with a gradual value of 1.1 billion.

Jianfa Motors business continues to develop: In January 2019, Jianfa Motors officially joined the Aston Martin brand and became its sole authorized dealer in Fujian and Yunnan.

Comment on the high growth of real estate sales to build 2019?
Real estate profit growth in 2022 moat: since 2017, Jianfa Real Estate and MediaTek Real Estate contracted sales revenue has grown rapidly (?
50%), and the growth rate of settlement income is far less than the growth rate of sales, only -5%. The expected settlement income is 45.7 billion, while the settlement income is only 282 trillion.

1H18 continues this trend, with contracted sales revenue of 37.2 billion, much larger than settlement revenue of 6.4 billion. We believe that the difference between the 50 billion sales end and the settlement end in this year and a half will be gradually completed through the project and will be delivered in 2019?
In 2022, it will be confirmed that considering that the net profit margin of the real estate business in the past five years is about 12%, it will contribute 6 billion net profits (after deducting minority shareholders’ profit and loss, it will contribute about 4 billion to the mother’s net profit, an average of 1 billion per year), if 2H18Real estate sales continue to grow, and the moat it will build for future real estate business settlement profits will be deeper.

Supply chain business grows steadily and continuously increases market concentration: supply chain business mainly includes steel (revenue share?
30%), mineral products (?
10%), pulp (?
10%), the car (?
5%), etc., continue to gain market share in different fields.

Estimated to take into account the contribution of the Houpu-Qihu project in October 2018?
1.3 billion net profit, we raised our 2018 profit forecast by 27% to 45.

4 million, lowering 2019 profit forecast by 1% to 42.

0 billion, 46 profit in 2020.

0 million yuan, 2018/19 profit corresponding to a growth rate of 36% /-8%.

The company’s current consensus corresponds to May 2018/19.


7 times price-earnings ratio, we re-recommend rating and target price of 10 yuan, corresponding to 6.

8 times 2019 P / E ratio and 18% growth space.

Risks Macroeconomic stall; real estate policies are becoming more severe.

Experts explain the protein powder to adapt to the local population


Experts explain the protein powder to adapt to the local population

The propaganda slogan of eating protein powder is “eat protein can grow muscles”. In fact, if you eat protein powder alone, you will not grow muscles if you eat more.

The supplement of the body’s muscle growth (increased muscle cells) is related to exercise, and food ranks second.

If there is no exercise, no pressure is given to the muscles. Whatever is added will be sputum, but not muscle.

銆€銆€Even if exercise is inevitable, it is difficult to grow muscle protein alone.

Many people think that in order to maintain a good body during exercise, therefore, the diet should try to avoid energy substances such as staple food, a slight intake, and increase the absorption of protein.

As everyone knows, in the case of insufficient energy, protein can only be used for body consumption, rather than synthetic body protein, it does not have the effect of long muscles.

銆€銆€Therefore, in order to strengthen the body muscles, it is necessary to maintain exercise, and at the same time, there are alternative conditions for protein supplementation: the energy absorbed by the diet is sufficient for the body to consume.

Then, eat more protein (or protein powder) to grow your muscles.

銆€銆€Moreover, protein metabolism as energy produces a lot of metabolites, which increases the burden of viscera and accumulates insulin for damage in the long run.

If I have a high blood pressure disease, it is more likely to cause an acute attack.

銆€銆€Further, from the beginning, the protein powder is a protein powder composed of purified soy protein, casein, whey protein, or a combination of several of the above proteins.

Protein is actually found in many natural foods, such as meat, beans, milk, eggs, etc. are rich in protein.

As long as you are in good health, have a normal diet, normal food intake, and no partial eclipse, you can get enough protein from your food. You don’t need to eat more protein powder.

銆€銆€In summary, the application of protein powder is: First, I am particularly partial eclipse, especially do not like meat, beans, milk, eggs and other protein foods.

銆€銆€Second, my gastrointestinal function is poor and I can’t get enough protein from food.

銆€銆€Third, I am particularly thin and do have long muscle needs. Therefore, on the basis of balanced nutrition and sufficient energy, I must take a little more high-protein food or protein powder, and let myself like sports.

Eat the three most effective diets that can lose weight and lose weight.


Eat the three most effective diets that can lose weight and lose weight.

Slim body has become a dream of modern people, but it is not difficult to have such a good figure. It only needs long-term persistence, more need to exercise in moderation, and conditioning from the diet to achieve weight loss.Here are three weight loss recipes to help you eliminate your aunt and easily lose weight.

Qi and lipid-lowering soup materials; 20 grams of Codonopsis pilosula, 20 grams of Yunxiao, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of fried lentils, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, 15 grams of Chinese yam, 10 grams of hawthorn, 20 grams of jujube, added mushrooms, fragrant amount, cornHalf, the lowest ribs, the right amount of spices.

Usage: After the medicine is washed, it is boiled in a soup, and it can be eaten in one day.

Efficacy; spleen and qi, nourishing the stomach, suitable for obesity spleen and stomach discomfort.

Coix seed soup material: 100 grams of coix seed, white sugar.

Practice: Wash the clams for about an hour, cook in the pot for two hours, but if you want to eat a little more, you can cook for a little longer, wait until you want the softness and then add the white sugar.taste.

Efficacy: Promote the metabolism of blood and water in the body, help the urine to reduce swelling, and also help defecation, reduce weight and moisturize the skin.

Specialize in premenstrual edema, lower extremity edema and other symptoms.

Mint cake material: 500 grams of mung beans, 500 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of mint leaves, 25 grams of white sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus itself.

Practice: Take 500 grams of mung bean to cook until cooked, add 15 grams of chopped mint leaves, 25 grams of sugar and a series of osmanthus slice fillings, then cook 500 grams of glutinous rice, let cool.

Then stuff it with glutinous rice and squash it with hibiscus.

Efficacy: The menthol contained in mint can accelerate the circulation of the body, remove greasy, relieve the feeling of bloating and achieve decomposition, burn body, and lose weight.

Efficient fitness method for office workers


Efficient fitness method for office workers

Office workers always don’t have time to exercise and work too busy.

Exercise really takes time, but as long as you have the heart, there will always be time.

The Medical Network Men’s Channel introduces several fitness methods that do not take time.

銆€銆€Always listen to the office workers saying “work is too busy, no time to exercise.”

Exercise does take time, but as long as you have the heart, you can also turn it into zero.

Today, I will introduce several fitness methods in minutes. You can also break down the choices according to your personal needs and find a fitness combination that suits you.

Don’t use time as an excuse. These sports can’t take up much of your time.

銆€銆€In the 8 minutes before the morning, the physical function of middle-aged people began to decline, and it is very important to strengthen self-care every day.

If you don’t have enough time, you can make full use of the time before the morning to get fit.

銆€銆€Finger comb the hair for one minute with both hands and fingers from the forehead to the back of the head, combing in order to enhance the blood circulation of the head.

It can prevent cerebral vascular disease and make hair black.

銆€銆€Slightly rub the ear wheel for one minute with two fingers to gently rub the left and right ears to the fever, which can be dredged by the meridian, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Turning your eyes for one minute can be clockwise and counterclockwise, and it will be eye-catching.

銆€銆€The molars roll the teeth for a minute, so that the teeth and gums can activate blood and strengthen the teeth; the tongue can make the tongue move freely and increase its sensitivity.

銆€銆€Thumbs and noses for a minute with the thumb of both hands up and down the nose, can prevent nasal congestion caused by cold in the morning, implant a cold.

銆€銆€Stretching and flexing the limbs for one minute through the extension and flexion movement, the blood quickly returns to the whole body, supplying enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system, and enhancing the complications of the joints of the limbs.

銆€銆€Abdominal retraction of the anus for one minute, so that the anus can be lifted, can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

銆€銆€Step on the foot for one minute and alternately step on the soles of the feet to make the feet feel warm.

Stepping on the heart of the foot has a living meridian, spleen and stomach, peace of mind and other effects.