2014 Brazil World Cup opener Brazil 3-1 reverses Neymar, Syria 2 goals_1

2014 Brazil World Cup Opener Brazil 3-1 reversal of Neymar, Syria 2 goals
At 4:00 on June 13th, Beijing time (at 17:00 on the 12th, Brazil time), the opening game of the 20th World Cup started at the Corinthians Stadium in Sao Paulo. The host Brazil reversed the jungle 3-1 and achieved a good start.Marcelo scored the first goal of the Brazil World Cup in 98 matches. Oolong was the first goal of the World Cup for the first time.Neymar scored twice to overtake the score and became the second Brazilian player to score two yuan in the World Cup opener.It was also Brazil’s 10th goal in the first World Cup after Rivaldo broke England’s goal on June 21, 2002.Oscar 1 pass 1 shot.   The host in the history of the World Cup remained undefeated (14 wins and 6 draws), and the host did not lose in the opener (5 wins and 3 draws).Brazil has won nearly eight World Cup opening games and has remained undefeated in nearly 17 opening games.Brazil lost 9 consecutive victories after losing 0 to 1 away from Switzerland last year.After losing to Paraguay in 2002, Brazil was undefeated for 37 consecutive home games.  After losing to Peru 1-3 in the semifinals of the America’s Cup in 1975, Brazil’s home games (contests and qualifiers) were undefeated.Scolari followed the start of the last warm-up and was also the winning ladder for the Confederations Cup final a year ago.Neymar became the youngest Brazil international to reach half a hundred, and his national team remained undefeated at home (14 wins and 3 draws).  Recommended reading: 2014 Brazil World Cup 16 match time 2014 Brazil World Cup schedule After last October Nico Kovac took office, scored 3 wins and 2 draws to remain undefeated, Kovac also became the first player and coachAs a democrat participating in the World Cup, he is also the latest World Cup goal scorer of the United Nations (2 to 2 draw Australia on June 22, 2006).After a 2-1 win over Italy in the group stage in 2002, Croatia won four consecutive games in the World Cup finals, and only one of them scored.  In 13 World Cup games in Colombia, only 11 goals were conceded, the percentage of goals conceded (0 per game.85 goals) is the lowest of the 32 teams in this session.Left-back Planic was injured in the warm-up match, and Vrsalico switched to the left.Lovren replaced Sildenfeld, a central defender with an injured Achilles tendon.The number one striker, Mandzukic, was suspended and Jelavich served as the arrow.  Before the race, three youngsters entered the stadium to release the peace dove.In the opening 45 seconds, Olic headed back from the left and Kovacic missed the near post with a half-volley at 25 meters in front of the goal.In the 6th minute, Joel Luca knocked down Hulk, Marcelo took a free kick in front, Tiago Silva pushed back to the middle after the point, and Louis headered by Pletico at 8 meters in front of the goalSa picked it up.  In the 7th minute of colonization, it almost broke!Perisic took the ball on the right and left foot. Olic pressed Alves afterwards and ejected the ball 9 meters in front of the goal. The earth missed the near post.In the 9th minute, Brazil opened a free kick and Neymar made a shot to Paulinho. Paulinho volleyed 27 meters in front of the door and touched Vrsalico off the left post.

[How to make dense chocolate]_ The common practice of dense chocolate _ The practice of dense chocolate _ How to make dense chocolate

[How to make dense chocolate]_ The common practice of dense chocolate _ The practice of dense chocolate _ How to make dense chocolate

Everyone eats food, if not, it’s because you haven’t encountered what you like to eat.

To make the gradient you like to eat, you have to learn.

Let ‘s introduce to you how to make dense chocolate.


First heat the milk and honey to 45 ° C, and then initialize it evenly2.

Add the cream and mix thoroughly after the cream has melted 3.

Add instant coffee powder and stir slowly until there are no particles 4.

Stir all materials with a blender 5.

Add chocolate and mix well, then add Borsch, then slowly stir to cool down6.

Stir the chocolate sandwich until it has a consistency 7.

Insert the chocolate sandwich into the inlaid flower bag, then squeeze out the shape of the heart, and freeze it for 5 minutes. 8

Use a decorative bag to squeeze out chocolate dots 9 of the same size.

Then stick the frozen chocolate filling on the chocolate dots10.

Top the chocolate with a layer of chocolate 11 evenly.

Finally, put a whole pistachio decoration on the chocolate candy. Today’s introduction of dense fragrant chocolate ends here. Have you learned how to make this dish?

If you have already learned, what are you waiting for? Go home and try it out, and make your own table more delicious!

[How chicken blood is made into a blood clot]_how to do _ practices Daquan

[How chicken blood is made into a blood clot]_how to do _ practices Daquan

Everyone’s familiarity with chicken blood should come from that sentence: it seems that the chicken blood was beaten.

This sentence illustrates how powerful the chicken blood is.

Under normal circumstances, chicken blood is in a liquid state, but it is not convenient to eat, so chicken blood is often made after being made into blood clots.

Chicken blood is fast after the chicken blood coagulates, showing a solid state like tofu.

How to make chicken blood into a blood clot? Put a small amount of water (about a tablespoon) in the bowl and add the salt to the water. The ratio of water to salt is about 20; 1.

Pour fresh chicken blood into the brine.

Let stand for about 20 minutes.

It turns into a chicken blood clot.

Chicken blood method 1: Chicken blood noodle material: chicken blood, chicken meat, pepper, ginger, refined salt, green onion, coriander, light green, vinegar, white soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper. Practice: 1. Add cold water to the bowl and add chickenBlood, stir well with chopsticks.

2. Put chicken in the pot, add peppercorns, ginger slices, refined salt, scallion and boil, remove and dry, and tear into small pieces.

3. Add the chicken blood and water to reconcile the noodles, roll them into thin pancakes and steam them, cut them into thin strips and place them in a bowl.

4. Add raw chicken soup, white soy sauce, pepper, green onion, coriander, MSG and boil in the pot.

Second, chicken blood soup ingredients: 100 grams of tofu, 10 grams of shrimp, 50 grams of chicken blood, 50 grams of chicken, 50 grams of spinach, 50 grams of eggs Seasoning: 2 grams of sesame oil, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 3 grams of pepper,8 grams of vinegar and 5 grams of starch Method: 1. Shred chicken; 2. Cut tofu and chicken blood into small strips; 3. Sea rice is soaked in boiling water; 4. Wash spinach and cut into 3 cm pieces, After boiling with boiling water, add cold water to cool, remove and squeeze dry; 5, put the pot on the fire, add fresh soup, add shredded chicken, chicken blood, tofu, refined salt, boil and skim off the foam;Then add spinach, thicken with wet starch, and turn the eggs into the soup; 7. Add vinegar, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil to serve.

The edible value of chicken blood is 1, the iron content in chicken blood is high, and it exists in the form of heme iron, which is easily absorbed and used by the human body.

Children and pregnant women at the stage of growth and development, breastfeeding women eat more animal blood substitutes, which can supplement iron deficiency anemia.

At the same time, because chicken blood contains trace element cobalt, it also has a certain supplementary effect on other anemia diseases such as malignant anemia.

2, chicken blood contains thrombin, thrombin can make fibrin in the blood phase state to generate insoluble fibrin quickly, so that the blood coagulates, so it has a hemostatic effect.

3, chicken blood has a bowel and laxative effect, it can clear the sediment and turbidity of the intestinal cavity, and it has a purification effect on harmful substances such as dust and metal particles, and can avoid cumulative poisoning. Therefore, it is a “scourge” of human dirt.
4. Chicken hematuria provides high-quality protein and a variety of trace elements for the human body, which is beneficial to malnutrition, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and post-illness care.

5. Recent studies have shown that chicken blood has a certain effect on bronchitis, functional uterine bleeding, ulcers and chronic hepatitis.

Longjing Environmental (600388) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations

Longjing Environmental (600388) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations
Event: The company released its 2018 annual report. In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 94.02 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.90%; net profit attributable to mother 8.01 yuan, an annual increase of 10.62%.  The traditional main business grew steadily, and the emerging business achieved breakthroughs: the company’s performance in the field of atmospheric governance of the traditional dominant main business was solid, and its operating income increased by +11.69% to 89.US $ 4.8 billion (including equipment sales, desulfurization / denitrification projects, etc.), the gross profit margin remained basically stable (of which, the sales of denitration catalysts were affected by the relatively high upstream steel prices, and the gross profit margin decreased by 24 percentage points to 7 in the reporting period.05%, but in 2019, the steel price will fall, and the gross profit margin is expected to rise); the company achieved 0 breakthroughs in emerging environmental protection business areas such as VOCs governance and water treatment, and the operating income of each business reached 0.17/2.50 ppm, is expected to become the company’s new performance growth point in the future.  The structure of air treatment orders is optimized, and the performance of non-gas treatment orders is satisfactory: relying on technical advantages such as dry desulfurization and SCR flue gas denitrification, the company has continued to win orders in the field of air treatment. The structure has been optimized, and 130 additional orders (47 electricity), Non-electricity 83, non-electricity accounted for 64%), an annual growth of 38%, and 172 orders on hand at the end of the year, which better maintained the company’s leading position in the field of atmospheric governance.At the same time, the company expanded its development speed in the field of non-gas environmental protection, and continuously signed new VOCs / industrial wastewater treatment / soil remediation contract amounts1.37/1.81/0.1.7 billion, a substantial breakthrough in new business.  Convertible bonds + ABN + cash in hand triple protection of the company’s future development: The company intends to issue convertible bonds of no more than 1.8 billion US dollars for transportation equipment and intelligent manufacturing projects. At present, it has responded to the first round of feedback from the CSRC, progressSmoothly; in addition, the company’s application for registration and issuance of US $ 1.5 billion green asset-backed notes (ABN) has been successfully registered with the Chinese Interbank Market Dealers Association; at the same time, the company had cash of US $ 2.3 billion at the end of the reporting period, good operating cash flow, tripleThe funds support the company’s continuous improvement of technology research and development, and at the same time guarantee the company’s continued development in the non-gas environmental protection field in the future.  Maintain “Overweight” rating: Based on the company’s operating conditions in 2018 and its efforts in non-gas environmental protection, we raised the company’s net profit attributable to mothers to 9 in 19-20.07/10.11 ppm (original value 8).75/9.US $ 5.9 billion, an increase of 2021 attributable net profit forecast to 11.14 trillion, the company’s EPS for 2019-21 is expected to be 0.85/0.95/1.04 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 16/14/13 times.As a leader in the field of atmospheric 深圳spa会所 governance, the company has obvious advantages in obtaining orders in the process of national rejuvenation of thermal power and ultra-low-emissions transformation of the steel industry in 2019. At the same time, breakthroughs have been made in emerging businesses, and future performance growth is guaranteed, maintaining an “overweight” rating.  Risk reminder: The policy in the non-electricity field and the company’s market development are less than expected, and the company’s environmental protection industry M & A strategy progress is gradually expected.

China Merchants Shekou (001979): Sales volume and price rise together, growth momentum continues

China Merchants Shekou (001979): Sales volume and price rise together, growth momentum continues

Event On June 10, China Merchants Shekou announced the sales in May 2019 and the new land reserve. In May 2019, the company achieved a contracted sales area of 86.

640,000 square meters, an increase of 78 per year.

71%; the contracted sales amount was 170.

5.6 billion, an increase of 67 per year.


From January to May 2019, the company gradually realized a contracted sales area of 366.

980,000 square meters, an increase of 41 a year.

86%天津夜网; 728 contracted sales will be realized gradually.

8.3 billion, an increase of 40 every year.


Brief comment on the increase in sales volume and price, and continue to maintain the momentum of growth: the company achieved sales volume and price rise in May, of which the monthly sales area was 86.

64 million countries, an annual increase of 78.

71%, an increase of 29% over the previous month.

72%, the monthly sales amount is 170.

56 ppm, a 67-year increase.

00%, an increase of 5 from the previous month’s average.

49%, the average monthly sales price is 19686.

06 yuan / square meter, an increase of 0 from the previous month.


Overall, this month’s performance growth momentum continues.

From January to May 2019, the company gradually realized a contracted sales area of 366.

980,000 square meters, an increase of 41 a year.

86%; 728 contracted sales will be realized gradually.

8.3 billion, an increase of 40 every year.


According to our continuous tracking, the company’s current project layout is mainly focused on the first and second tiers where the current market performance is better than the third and fourth tiers, with obvious location advantages and strong sales support.

The investment has increased slightly, and the expansion trend is still in place. The company continues to lay out its core areas: this month the company took 8 sites, a slight decrease from the previous 10 sites.

This month, the project has a capacity of 82.

330,000 cubic meters, which is 132 compared with the land area taken in April.

910,000 countries (excluding Hong Kong projects) decreased by 50.

580,000 cubic meters, the project layout includes a total of 7 key cities in Foshan, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Qingdao, Liuzhou and Suzhou.

The layout of the company’s reserve land continues the core city layout idea, and it continues the idea of actively acquiring land for four months, and the proportion of equity has improved, rising from 37% to 56% from April.

From January to May 2019, the company gradually took land to measure the area 316.

06,000 square meters, the amount of land gradually acquired is 219.

6.3 billion, with an overall equity ratio of 43.

19%, the amount of land acquisition / cumulative sales amount is 30.


Adjustment of transfer price of AVIC Sunda Share Agreement: According to the agreement of the “Share Transfer Agreement” and related profit distribution of AVIC Sunda, after the implementation of AVIC Sunda’s 2018 profit distribution plan, the company purchased AVIC Sunda22.The agreed transfer price of 35% of the shares is from 8.

95 yuan / share adjusted to 8.

65 yuan / share, the issue price of AVIC Sunda shares to buy China Merchants Property is 7.

9 yuan / share adjusted to 7.

6 yuan / share.

China Merchants Property is the only military property management and service company affiliated to China Merchants Group. It is affiliated to China Merchants Shekou. Its business covers residential, commercial, and government property management.More than 500, serving more than 75 million square meters.

According to the transaction plan, the company’s operating income in 2018 reached 29.

2% yuan, an increase of 20 per year.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

450,000 yuan, an increase of 114 in ten years.


Once the transaction is completed, the combined management area will exceed 1.

200 million flats, ranking the forefront of the industry. In 2018, the net profit of the property management sector was simply added to 3.

09 billion RMB, the industry giant is taking shape, and it is expected to become a scarce target for A-share property services in the future.

Investment rating and profit forecast: At a time when industry homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, the company’s endowment advantage is particularly prominent.

As the company with the largest resource advantage in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao region, the company benefits from the advancement of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area strategy.

The company has a strong demand for growth, and the continuous incentive mechanism has demonstrated the company’s overall confidence.

We believe that the company has a long-term perspective from endowment advantages to development models, and its market segmentation in management is second to none. We expect the company’s EPS to be 2 in 19-20.

49, 3.

20 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Seven heart teas make you cool summer_1


Seven heart teas make you cool summer

In the summer, the health is first raised, because the summer weather is hot, the body metabolism is strong, the organs of the body are also in an active state, and the frequency of heart beating is also shortened.

The heart’s function is strong, it will inevitably bring a burden to the heart. If you don’t pay attention to your heart, you will make your heart pressure too big. It is easy to feel flustered, short-lived, and even suffering from heart disease.

It is not difficult to raise your heart in the summer. A good cup of tea can make you feel comfortable for a summer.

銆€銆€1, summer lipid-lowering heart tea materials: fried cassia, Guang Chenpi, Hawthorn, Polygonum, Ume (10 grams each), Alisma, wild chrysanthemum, psyllium, licorice (each 5 grams).

銆€銆€Practice: Put the medicine together in the pot, boil for 30 minutes, remove the dregs, put it up in a pot, use tea and 3 to 5 times a day.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Prevent cardiovascular disease, help the body to metabolize slightly, reduce tiny accumulation, and increase heart pressure resistance.

銆€銆€2, Ningxin Anshen tea materials: 鑼嫇 10 grams, 10 grams of Polygala, 15 grams of floating wheat, 4 grams of licorice, 4 jujubes.

銆€銆€Practice: Put the medicine together in the pot, boil for 30 minutes, remove the dregs, put it up in a pot, use tea and 3 to 5 times a day.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Suitable for people who are busy with work or academic pressure constraints, can effectively help relieve stress and calm down.

銆€銆€3, Maidong Ziyin tea material: Ophiopogon 5 money, Schisandra 1 money, lily, 鏋告潪 each 3 money.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the herbs and put them into the teapot. Add boiling water and substitute tea for several times a day.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Convergence, Ningshen peace of mind, nourishing Yin and protecting the liver, can treat dry mouth, palpitation and other symptoms.

銆€銆€4, Danshen Huoxue tea material: Guizhi 2 money, Polygonum 3 money, Yuzhu 5 money, Danshen 1 money, Sichuan 7 money.

銆€銆€Practice: add 3 bowls of water to the pot to cook, 3 bowls of water to boil 1 bowl of water, warm clothes, once every three days.

銆€銆€Efficacy: for the treatment of chest tightness, chest pain, dry mouth and force, lips purple and other patients have special effects, while nourishing yin and nourishing the heart, analgesic and blood circulation, lungs and kidney.

銆€銆€5, Baiziren tea material: Baiziren 15 grams.

銆€銆€Practice: After the medicine is cleaned, add the teapot, boil the water, use it for tea, 3 to 5 times a day, one dose a day.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Run the intestines and lungs, raise the heart and protect the heart, calm the nerves, treat palpitations, dreams, insomnia.

銆€銆€6, Shenqi tea materials: 15 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, 10 grams of Dendrobium, 2 grams of Schisandra, a total of ground into a powder.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the powder with boiling water twice a day.

銆€銆€Efficacy: qi and health, nourish the heart, can cure flustered dreams, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue.

銆€銆€7, happy flower tea materials: vinegar Bupleurum a money, rose three money, scorpion three money, mint five points.

銆€銆€Practice: Put the medicine into the sandbag, then add the thermos cup, drink with boiling water, add honey.

Three times a week.

銆€銆€Efficacy: calming the mind, nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, suitable for patients with night dreams, palpitations and chest tightness.