[Mushroom Ru cannot be eaten with anything]_How to eat_Notes

The world’s most powerful princes, the father’s father, the father, the father, the mother, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child, and the child▼ Thank you, change your mind, change your mind, think about the chain, you ‘ll find it, you ‘ll find it, and you ‘ll find out how to use it.规槗寮曞彂椋熺墿涓瘨鍜岀柧鐥呯幇璞°€傚洜姝ゅ浜庡枩娆㈠悆铇戣弴鐨勪汉鏉ヨ锛屽簲璇ラ€傚綋鐨勬潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬪湪鍚冭槕鑿囩殑鏃跺€欏拰浠€涔堥鐗╀笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆鐨勫熀鏈父璇嗐€傝槕鑿囦笉鑳藉拰浠€涔堜竴璧峰悆绗?姝 ヨ 槕 Chi?閲庨浮锛氶噹楦$殑鑲夎櫧鐒跺懗閬撻矞缇庯紝涔熷悓鏅€氱殑楦¤倝涓€鏍疯惀鍏讳环鍊煎緢楂橈紝浣嗘槸涓嶅疁鍜岃槕鑿囦竴鍚岄鐢紝鍚﹀垯浼氬紩鍙戠棓鐤€傜2姝 ヨ 槕 Chi?閰掞細閰掓€х儓锛屽拰铇戣弴涓€鍚岄鐢ㄤ細寮曡捣涓瘨锛屼笉鍚屼汉鍥犱綋璐ㄥ悇寮備腑姣掔▼搴︿篃澶What are you doing?姝ヨ 槕 Chi?钁憋細钁辨槸甯歌椋熺敤鐨勩€佽皟鍛崇被鐨勮敩鑿滐紝鍛宠緵锛屾湁鐫€绁涢鍙戠儹鐨勫姛鏁堬紝濡傛灉鍜岃槕鑿囩粨鍚堥鐢ㄨ繕浼氭湁闄嶄綆琛€鑴傘€佷績杩涜娑插惊鐜殑鍔熸晥銆傜2姝ヨ 槕 Chi?椴戦奔锛氶矐楸煎張鍚嶄笁鏂囬奔锛屽叾涓惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑涓嶉ケ鍜岃剛鑲吀锛岃繖鑳藉鍑忎綆琛€鑴傚拰鑳嗗浐閱囷紝缁撳悎鐫€铇戣弴涓€鍚岄鐢紝鏈夋彁楂樺厤鐤姏銆侀檷琛€绯栬鑴傜殑鍔熸晥銆傜3姝ヨ槕鑿?This is the best way to get a good look at the canisters and the naughty guys. It ‘s the same as the jade tripod. It ‘s the same as the one with the Korean version. It ‘s a good idea.敹锛岀粨鍚堣槕鑿囦竴璧烽鐢ㄥ彲浠ヤ績杩涗汉浣撹娑插惊鐜€傜4姝ヨ槕鑿?I ‘m sorry, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m not sure if I ‘m going to go to the chain.吀銆佸ぇ璞嗙7鑴傦紝鍜屽叾浠栬眴绫讳竴鏍峰彲浠ュ己韬仴鑴戙€侀闃茶剛鑲倽锛岃緟鍔╃潃铇戣弴涓€鍚岄鐢ㄥ彲浠ユ竻鐑В姣掋€傜5姝ヨ槕鑿?Drilling Peaks, Drilling Peaks, Drilling Peaks, Drilling Peaks, Drilling Peaks, Peaks, Peaks, Peaks, Peaks, Peaks, Peaks, and Peaks诲強楂橈紝鍜岃槕鑿囦竴鍚岄鐢ㄦ湁娑堥寮€鑳冪殑鍔熸晥锛岄€傚悎娑堝寲涓嶈壇鐨勪汉椋熺敤銆傜6姝ヨ槕鑿?鏈ㄧ摐锛氭湪鐡滆惀鍏绘垚鍒嗕赴瀵岋紝鍙尰鐢ㄥ彲椋熺敤锛屾湁缇庡鍏讳汉鐨勫姛鏁堬紝缁撳悎鐫€铇戣弴涓€鍚岄鐢ㄦ湁闄嶅帇闄嶈剛鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傜7姝ヨ槕鑿?椴奔锛氶搏楸艰倝璐ㄩ矞瀚╋紝鏈変赴瀵岀殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ瓑钀ュ吇鎴愬垎锛屽鏋滅粨鍚堢潃铇戣弴涓€鍚岄鐢紝鏈夌潃缇庡鍏婚銆佸埄姘村埄灏跨殑鍔熸晥銆傚摢浜涗汉涓嶉€傚疁鍚冭槕鑿?銆佽倽鑲惧姛鑳借“绔€呫€佽偁鑳冪梾鎮h€呰槕鑿囦腑鍚湁鐢插3璐紝鑰岀敳澹宠川鍙堟槸涓€绉嶉樆I am afraid that I will be able to use it to make a good choice. I am afraid that the town will be borrowed from the town, “I am afraid that the town will be fooled, and the fool will be insane”.綴 浠 ラ 槻 鐥 呮 唏 銷 瓻 Ton?銆佽吂娉昏€呰槕鑿囧悆澶氫簡浼氬紩璧疯吂娉伙紝鍚屾椂鎮f湁鑵规郴鐨勪汉涓嶅簲璇ュ啀鍚冭槕鑿囦互闃叉洿鍔犱弗閲嶃€?銆佷綋璐ㄥ樊鑰呰槕鑿囨槸鍑夋€ч鐗╋紝姝e父浜洪兘瑕侀€傞噺椋熺敤锛岄偅涔堜綋璐ㄥ樊鐨勪汉椋熺敤铇戣弴涓嶅鏄撴秷鍖栵紝浼氬紩璧疯韩浣撲笉閫傦紝瑕佽皑鎱庡皯椋熴€?

[How to steam frozen dumplings]

[How to steam frozen dumplings]

The 21st century society is a fast-paced life. Many young people’s temporary time is spent on the way to and from work. At this time, it is very late when they get home, but many people have no time to cook.As our first choice, quick-frozen dumplings have become a common ingredient in our lives. Although the ingredients are ready-made, we still have to make their own taste. The daily practice is nothing more than cooking, but we want to change the method if we eat too much.Today, I will introduce the steamed dumplings for steaming and eating. Then what should we pay attention to during the steaming process, let’s talk about them in detail.

How long does it take for steamed dumplings to be cooked?

Within half an hour, deep-frozen dumplings and other water should be boiled and then slowly boiled. After turning off the small fire, dumplings and other dumplings can be swollen. If you can remove the time, it will take about 10 minutes. If you want to help you, the microwave oven can be 10 minutes.

Can quick-frozen dumplings be steamed directly into the pot for steamed dumplings?


I have steamed many times.

Just 20 points!


Can quick-frozen dumplings be steamed and eaten, but if you want to thaw them in advance, it is best to slip in a water pot, and then apply some cooking oil under the container to start steaming.


However, the skin of the quick-frozen dumplings is frozen, and it is not easy to be steamed directly, and it has an effect.

It is recommended that you thaw in boiling water, not too verbose.

I have done this ~~~ Of course, you can also make pot stickers.

Yes, of course.

How long does it take to cook frozen dumplings in the supermarket?

In fact, there is no special difference between quick-frozen dumplings and ordinary dumplings. After the water is boiled, lower the lid and the lid. To prevent sticking, use a colander to gently push it in one direction.

As the saying goes, cover the boiled stuffing, open the lid and boil the skin.

After the high heat is boiled, open the lid and continue to cook for 2 or 3 minutes,[url = 27 /]light cold water; this is done three times in a row until the dumpling skin is transparent, slightly open for 1 or 2 minutes and then you can load it.

It usually takes 15 minutes, cover the lid, and add cold water twice.

It takes at least fifteen minutes to make a dumpling that can be steamed out of an electric rice cooker and put water in the pot (two-thirds of the water is enough, just steam, not steamed dumplings), etc.Add one inside.

The secret for 8 minutes is to cook three waters!

The specific operation method is as follows: 1. The dumplings are boiled on a fire in cold water; during this step, the back of the soup spoon must be gently stirred clockwise.

Put some oil and salt when cooking the dumplings. The dumplings will not float. The water is boiling. After putting the dumplings, the water will be re-opened.[Url = 43 /]Bring to a low heat and gently stir the pan with a spoon.Will stir it up.

If the water is too.

How long does the frozen dumplings cook?

Don’t put it until the water is boiling, put it when it’s not boiling but the water is about to open.

Don’t cook frozen dumplings as soon as you take them out of the refrigerator. It is easy to stick them. It is best to put them in the ice and cook them, especially if they are frozen at home.

When it can be completely separated, you can put them one by one, don’t throw them together and cook, but don’t wait until there is water outside to cook, huh!

In fact, I do n’t put salt. My personal experience is that there is no difference between frozen dumplings and frozen dumplings. After the dumplings are put in the pot, turn to high heat to let the water boil. Do not stir it with things.

When the water is boiling, it will open naturally. Don’t put too little water, it will stick easily.

You don’t need to add cold water many times, just add it once and let it boil in boiling water.

The most difficult place for frozen dumplings to fold is the skin, which is basically cooked when it is boiled. Add the dumplings and stir with a spoon a few times to prevent sticking to the bottom. After the water is boiling again, add a bowl of cold water, Cover the pot lid, adjust to medium heat stuffy, wait for the dumplings to boil again.

After the dumplings floated to the surface, it was cooked for 30 minutes.

[Burdock sauce is still the most delicious soup to eat in this way]_How to eat_How to eat

銆愮墰钂¢叡杩橀偅涔堝悆 杩欐牱鐓堡鏈€缇庡懗銆慱鎬庝箞鍚僟濡備綍鍚?
The altar of alchemy, the alchemy of alchemy, the alchemy of alchemy, the alchemy of alchemy, the alchemy of the alchemy, the reincarnation of the alchemy, and the reincarnation of the rainbow伐搴忔槸闈炲父绻佺悙锛屽叾瀹炲彧闇€瑕佸噯澶囧ソ榻愬叏鐨勯厤鏂欙紝鍐嶆惌閰嶄竴浜涗綈鏂欙紝鎸夌収瑙勫緥鐨勫伐搴忓埗浣滐紝鍋氬嚭鐨勭墰钂¢叡涓嶄粎鍙f劅濂斤紝闈炲父鐨勬瀹楋紝鐗涜挕鍦ㄥ钩鏃惰繕鍙互鐓叉帓楠ㄦ堡锛屽仛铚滄眮鐗涜挕绛夎澶氱殑缇庨銆?What are you looking at?Do you have any questions about it? Do you have 500 or so?0 What’s the matter?0 What’s the matter?0 What’s the difference? Gong?5鍏嬨€傜簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮绮俱€佸共娣€绮夈€佺櫧绯栧悇閫傞噺锛岀敓鑿滃彾灏戣锛岀簿鐐兼补1500鍏嬶紙绾﹁€?0 鍏 嬶 级 銆?鍋氭硶锛氬皢鏂伴矞鐗涜挕鍘荤毊娲楀噣锛屽垏鎴愨€滀竴瀛椻€濇潯锛堟垨鐢ㄦ竻姘寸墰钂℃锛夛紝鏀惧叆娓What’s the matter?0鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝鎹炲嚭娌ュ敖姘村垎锛岀撼鐩嗭紝鍔犲叆娌欒尪閰便€佽姖楹婚叡銆佽姳鐢熼叡銆佺簿鐩愩€侀浮绮俱€佺櫧绯栥€佹场妞掕尭鎷屽寑锛屽啀閫愪竴鎷嶄笂骞叉穩绮夊鐢ㄣ€傚噣閿呬笂鐏紝鏀惧叆绮剧偧娌圭儳鑷充竷鎴愮儹锛屼笅濡傛媿濂界矇鐨勭墰钂℃潯娴哥偢锛屽緟鐐歌嚦閲戦粍鑹叉椂锛屾崬鍑烘播娌癸紝瑁呭叆鍨湁鐢熻彍鐨勭洏涓嵆鍙€傦紙浜岋級鐗涜挕鎺掗姹? What is it?50鍏嬶紝鎺掗250鍏嬶紝棣欒彍灏戣锛岀洂2灏忓寵锛岃儭妞掑皯璁搞€?鍋氭硶锛氱墰钂$墖锛屾场鍏ラ唻姘翠腑浠ラ槻姝㈠彉鑹层€傛帓楠紙鎴栦簲鑺辫倝锛夊垏灏忓潡銆傞攨鍐呮斁姘寸叜娌革紝鏀惧叆鎺掗涓庣墰钂★紝鐓哺鍚庯紝鏀圭敤涓皬鐏叜20鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛屽姞鐩愶紝鑳℃璋冨懗銆傜洓鍏ュぇ纰椾腑锛屾拻鍏ラ鑿滃嵆鍙€傦紙涓夛級 铚滄眮鐗涜挕 鏉愭枡锛氱墰钂?鏂ゃ€侀害鑺?40鍏嬨€佺硸1鏂ゃ€侀吀姊?绮掋€佺櫧鑺濋夯灏戣銆傚仛娉曪細1。鐗涜挕鍒囨垚3鍏垎闀挎鍔犳按锛堣鑵岃繃鐗涜挕锛夌叜鑷崇啛鐑傚姞鍏ラ吀姊呭苟涓娿€佷笅缈诲姩浣夸箣鍏ュ懗锛屽啀涓嬬硸鐢ㄥ皬鐏画鐔嚦绯栨憾鍖栵紝鍐嶆媽鍏ラ害鑺界硸锛屽苟甯哥炕鍔ㄤ竴闈㈢儳鐒︼紝寰呮按鍒嗘敹骞插嵆鍙€?.浣跨敤鍓嶆媽鍏ュ皯璁哥櫧鑺濋夯銆佸鍔犵編鍛炽€傛敞锛氫笉鍔犻攨鐩栵紝姘村垎鎵嶆槗钂稿彂銆?

Lake Electric (603355): 3Q19 revenue shift due to extended exports

Lake Electric (603355): 3Q19 revenue shift due to extended exports
The 3Q19 results were in line with our expectations of the company’s 3Q19 results: operating income14.1.7 billion, down 1 year.6%; net profit attributable to mother 1.470,000 yuan, an increase of 9 in ten years.3%.Corresponds to 1Q-3Q19 operating income 42.12 megabits, up to 1 year.2%; net profit attributable to mother 3.82 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.0%. The company’s performance is in line with our expectations. In the third 杭州夜网论坛 quarter of 19th, the revenue gradually reversed: 1) The company’s revenue growth rate was lower than 10% from 2Q18, and changes occurred in 3Q18-3Q19. Exports to the United States and Europe have been falling.2) The company relies heavily on US export business, and its main products are subject to import tariffs by the US.3) In terms of domestic sales, the company’s main high-end brand, the vacuum cleaner, increased demand during the economic downturn, and its market share declined.AVC data shows that the online and offline retail sales of 3Q19 Lake vacuum cleaners are -37% and -24% each year, respectively, and the market share is -1.3ppt, -3.5ppt. Financial analysis of the company in the third quarter of 19: 1) Gross profit margin 27.5%, an increase of 2 per year.7ppt, an increase of 0 from the previous month.7ppt.The increase 青岛夜网 in export gross profit margin benefited from the depreciation of the RMB, and the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar increased by 3% in 3Q19.2) Selling expenses, management expenses per unit amount, the expense ratio decreased by 1.3ppt, 0.5ppt, the first is that the company continues to optimize the agency structure and strictly control expenses.3) Since 2019, the company has continued to increase its R & D efforts and expand its product line. R & D expenses in the third quarter of 19 increased by 57% to 0.8 billion, accounting for 5% of revenue.6%. 4) The net profit rate attributable to the parent company increased.0ppt to 10.3%, restored to historical normal levels. Development Trends 1) The domestic sales market is fiercely competitive, and the demand for high cost performance is relatively better.The company is also actively exploring the development of cost-effective brand Lake Jimmy, for example, the team operates exclusively and focuses on online channel sales.2) Tariffs are imposed on exports of US products. The company has set up an overseas base in Vietnam to cope with Sino-US trade frictions and will soon be completed and put into production. We expect that the export business trend will improve by 2020. Earnings forecasts and estimates remain at 2019 / 20e EPS forecast1.41 yuan / 1.59 yuan.Maintain Neutral rating and 22.00 yuan target price, corresponding to 15.6 times 2019 P / E ratio and 13.8 times 2020 price-earnings ratio, 1 compared with the same period last year.8% upside.The current consensus corresponds to 15 of 2019/2020.4 times / 13.6 times price-earnings ratio. Risks: Sino-US trade friction risks; RMB exchange rate fluctuation risks.

Longji shares (601012): Earlier than expected single crystal leading profit accelerated

Longji shares (601012): Earlier than expected single crystal leading profit accelerated
This report reads: Longji shares seek funding for wafer replacement in the second quarter of 2019, and profitability continues to rise. After the integration and consolidation of components, high growth will be reproduced, and the “overweight” rating is maintained. Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.Maintain EPS1 for 2019-2021.19, 1.71, 2.The forecast 南京桑拿网 of 02 yuan is maintained at a target price of 30.59 yuan. Longji shares announced the 2019 H1 performance forecast, and achieved net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of the year.61-20.910,000 yuan, an increase of 50% to 60% a year; non-net profit 19 deducted.41-20.71 ‰, an increase of 55% -65% in ten years, Q2 single quarter net profit attributable to the mother13.5-14.8 ‰, an increase of 77% -94% over ten years, deducting non-net profit13.45-14.750,000 yuan, an increase of 80% -97% in ten years. Performance exceeded our expectations.It is estimated that in Q2 2019, more than 1.5 billion silicon wafers will be injected, of which about 2GW will be produced as modules, and about 1GW will be self-produced batteries.The performance growth mainly comes from three aspects. One is that the profitability of silicon 无锡夜网 wafers has improved from the previous month, and the gross profit margin has continued to rise. The second is the execution of high-priced component orders and the price of purchased batteries has decreased. The third is other factors, such as the confirmation of the second quarterPositive earnings, and some contributions from the sale of silicon rods.It is estimated that the annual silicon wafer expansion volume is expected to exceed 6 billion pieces, and the module is expected to exceed 6GW in the second half of the year, and continued growth in performance is expected. In 2019, there is a shortage of monocrystalline silicon wafers, and the trend of double-sided components.The orientation of the single crystal silicon wafer shows the shape of the long-ring double-oligonucleotide. In 2019, as the single crystal PERC battery downstream of the single crystal silicon wafer will significantly increase the production capacity by more than 30GW, the difference between the single crystal silicon wafers is unavoidable.At that point, the gross profit margin of monocrystalline wafers has risen to 30%. In the long run, the oligopoly maintains a gross profit margin of 25% and a net profit margin of 15% is also very reasonable.At the same time, the scale of Longji double-sided modules is expected to exceed 40% in 2019, which will also enhance profitability. catalyst.Monocrystalline wafer prices continued to remain high and new products were introduced. risk warning.International trade policy and exchange rate risks in 2019.



Socks too tight to induce diabetes

Socks too tight to induce diabetes

When choosing socks, we should pay attention to the thickness and size of the socks.

The socks that have been bought back, if the socks are too tight, may hinder the steam iron from quickly “fat” the socks.

銆€銆€In order to prevent the socks from slackening, many friends like to wear socks with tight socks, and even red marks on the foot.

As everyone knows, the sock is too tight, which is very bad for health.

銆€銆€The toes are an important part of the blood circulation of the feet. If the socks are tight, the venous blood can flow back to the heart through the foot. If the socks are too tight, the blood of the veins that should flow back to the heart will accumulate near the feet.Will increase the burden on the heart, and even lead to high blood pressure.

銆€銆€People often feel that the feet are cold, and it may be because the socks are too tight. It is caused by the inability of the arterial blood to reach the feet in time, resulting in a decrease in the local metabolism of the feet.

In addition, the tightness of the sock will cause the stratum corneum of the foot to thicken, become rough, dry, and induce corns, foot pads, etc. over time.

銆€銆€Middle-aged and elderly friends should pay special attention, because some people often have different levels of hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, local compression of the sock to the foot often lead to increased blood pressure, and even induce high blood pressure.

Diabetic patients often have different degrees of poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and feet. The tightness of the sock is no different from “snowing”, which may easily induce or aggravate diabetic foot.

銆€銆€Therefore, when choosing a sock, in addition to paying attention to its size and size, it is better to see whether the tightness of the sock is appropriate.

The socks that have been bought back, if the socks are too tight, may hinder the steam iron from quickly “fat” the socks.

銆€銆€The specific method is: first measure the circumference of the footboard with a soft ruler, then find a moderately-discarded cardboard box to prop up the socks. According to the thickness of the socks, set the temperature of the iron on both sides.Gently iron each side of the sock, so that the original tight mouth can be much looser.

How to really enjoy sex life at the age of 45

How to “really enjoy” sex life at the age of 45

A couple’s relationship in their 20s is like a gel, but when the husband reaches the age of 45, his wife suddenly loses his sex in his eyes. When his wife is embarrassed to mention sex, he always opens the subject.
They rarely have sex, and the original intimacy has become indifferent.
銆€銆€The other couple entered the age of no doubt, and the sex life has changed – to become more beautiful.
Of course, they don’t play in bed like newlyweds, but they agree that the other side has become “more sexually attractive” in their own eyes.
銆€銆€How to explain these two very different situations of increasing love?
A psychologist and sex counseling expert said in a nutshell: “The key is understanding and mutual understanding, because when people reach middle age, the physical, lifestyle and sexual reactions of both men and women have changed.
“It is rich for women. Some changes are caused by menopause, while thick menstruation is the result of decreased estrogen secretion.”
The average age of women’s menopause is 50-54 years old, but the process begins around 45 years and lasts for 4-5 years.
In this “quasi-menopausal period”, women’s vaginal tissue became thinner and drier than the original lubrication, which made the original sexual pleasures become uncomfortable and even painful.
Without understanding these physiological changes, women may complain that their husbands are rude and avoid sexual life when they are having sex, and the husband mistakenly believes that the wife no longer loves himself.
銆€銆€Men also undergo changes in hormone secretion, testosterone that causes libido, reaching maximum secretion during their 20-30 years of age, and then gradually decreasing (a study shows that from 20-60 years old, every 1/4 years is reduced by 1/4).
After comparing 77 married men aged 45-77, a sexologist in New York reported that sexual interest, sexual desire, and sexual intercourse decreased with testosterone (but not necessarily affecting “satisfaction”).
Mainly due to the reduced blood supply to the penis, their “erection” is not as strong as the entertainment network.
銆€銆€However, all of the above changes should not affect the sexual life.
For example, a woman who feels vaginal discomfort can solve the problem by changing her sexual position or using a susceptibility lubricant sold by a pharmacy; the man’s 鈥渆rection鈥?is not as strong as it was, and it turns out that he does not prevent him from reaching orgasm.
A urologist and anyangshu treatment expert said: “If you divide the degree of erection into 0-10 degrees, you will wake up with 6-7 degrees.
Experts also believe that these changes actually help to improve the relationship between husband and wife and sex – if they are good at using it.
銆€銆€Here are the tricks for the best sex life after the age of 45: 1. Coordination rhythm: A physiologist describes 鈥溾€榮exuality’ is fast and fierce when young, burning like a firecracker.
“A man in his 20s reaches orgasm 2-5 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse; his wife may take more than 20 minutes to reach its apex.”
As men enter the middle-aged rhythm from slow to slow, due to slower blood supply to the penis and reduced muscle elasticity, men in their 40s and 50s need more room to reach orgasm, and the intensity of the map is not as good as before.First, the husband’s sexual rhythm will be closer to his wife’s, and he will be able to taste the pleasures of sexual intercourse as she does.
For the woman, because her husband is 鈥渟ynchronized鈥?with her, her reaction will undoubtedly be more heated.
According to a foreign study, women in all ages are the most difficult to reach orgasm when they are in their 20s, and 40-44 years old is the easiest – and the difference is very large.
It can be seen that middle-aged men are more concerned about their sexual pleasures and also increase their sexual happiness.
銆€銆€Second, supplemented by action: When more than 20 years old, most men see their wife undressing naturally “erect”.
But after the age of 45, it is not enough to rely on visual stimulation. They also need the kiss and warmth of their wives to get into the sexual excitement.
According to this, marriage and sexologists believe that if the middle-aged boyfriend shifts his attention from 鈥渟eeing鈥?to 鈥渄oing鈥?in the preparation stage, that is, paying more attention to tactile stimulation (such as conversion, kissing, rubbing, touching sensitive parts),Sexual life can be significantly improved.
銆€銆€Third, balance “warp board”: a man recalls: in the early days of marriage, sex is his initiative; but 20 years later, his wife is often a “founder.”
This is because the different changes in hormone secretion make the sexual impulses of both sides tend to balance.
We know that both men and women secrete testosterone and estrogen. As they enter middle age, men’s testosterone secretion decreases, and the proportion of estrogen increases, making him more willing to “follow” rather than “initiate” to his wife.Leadership” can’t be loved.
On the contrary, the female’s estrogen secretion decreased and the proportion of testosterone increased, so she showed more active self-confidence in sexual intercourse.
銆€銆€4. 鈥淨uality鈥?is supplemented by 鈥渜uantity鈥? According to a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, couples aged 25-29 love at least 2-3 times a week, 11% of whom are more than 4 times, 40-44 years old.Only 30% of people can maintain this level, and 45% answer 鈥渁bout three times a month鈥?(partly because of fatigue and child care).
However, the proportion of boyfriends in their 40s who exceed the age of any age group is considered to be the result of love and physical satisfaction.
銆€銆€As the frequency of sex decreases, spouses need to realize that each time sexual intercourse is precious, it should be the time for both right and active to participate and share.
Therefore, a strong-coupled couple always emphasizes frequency more and pays more attention to quality. Zhu Siman said: “Those who are in their 40s will remember this time or that time, and the young couples will always beBlurring: “When sex is no longer a commonplace, every time you obviously become important to you.
In short, sexual life after the age of 45 requires a series of adjustments, but it is inevitable and normal for people to understand change, and for couples who work together to deal with them, happiness may be more than ever, and theirSexual life is still perfect in the 40s, 50s, and even older.